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Google Announces Partnerships with Ford and General Motors
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Google announced that it has extended its Google Maps Send-to-Car service to Ford and GM vehicles. This applies to Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles in the US that are enabled with Ford SYNC, as well as OnStar equipped GM vehicles, which include models from Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Pontiac, Saab and Saturn.

eBay-GM “Click And Buy” Experiment Ends
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eBay and GM have finished trying to sell new cars together, at least for the time being.  The California-only "Click and Buy" experiment that benefited from one extension has now wrapped up according to the revised schedule.

eBay, GM Extend New Car Program
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An experimental promotion eBay and General Motors started to sell new cars in California has apparently gone rather well.  The companies checked in today with some statistics, news of an extension, and word that they might take the program national.

eBay, GM Get Ready To Sell New Cars Together
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Car dealerships don’t always make a lot of sense; they’re high-pressure environments in which consumers are asked to spend tens of thousands of dollars on whatever vehicles happen to be sitting around.  So eBay and General Motors appear to be rethinking the process with a new car shopping website.

gm.ebay.com is scheduled to launch tomorrow and connect consumers to over 225 GM dealers.  Consumers should then be able to browse the dealers’ new car inventories, ask questions, and negotiate all of the financial details online.

General Motors Could Begin Offering Twitter In Their Cars

An early  April Fool’s Day joke, or the real deal? You judge.

Automakers Cry to the Web

Who knew when socialism came to America it would be wearing a Brooks Brothers suit? Before I complain, I guess I have to say a bailout of the Big 3 seems necessary and suddenly fair. After all, the gov’t (Bush, …

GM CEO Takes Message To YouTube
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Let’s annoy you by understating it and call these “uncertain” economic times. While it’s unclear what a tumultuous economy means for online business—after all, there was no Internet in the Great Depression—old standby General Motors saw its stock drop the lowest it’s been in half a century.

GM Leads In Online Ad Delivery

Its closest competitor isn’t far behind on either count.  Still, GM remains the world’s largest automaker, and in January, it ranked as the heaviest online advertiser in its field.

New GM Site Asks For Audience Participation

I’ll admit: from a design standpoint, it looks decent.  Also, in terms of text, all the right words are evident: "Blog,"New GM Site Asks For Audience Participation "Podcasts," "Videos," "Our Thoughts/Your Thoughts."  Still, there are reasons to be suspicious about GM’s new community site, GMnext.

New GM Blog Launches

General Motors launched a new blog Wenesday, the FYI Blog. In an introductory post, GM’s director of new media, Michael Wiley…