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Grand Theft Auto Online Servers Hit By Heavy Traffic

Many recently released AAA game titles, like Aliens: Colonial Marines or TOTAL WAR: Rome II, have been launched only for players to discover that some advertised features seem distorted, broken, or poorly implemented. GTA V proves to be no exception, with its online portion suffering from tremendous server overload. Twitter was abuzz with retweets of Rockstar announcements and bitter consumers: …

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Facebook Groups Glitch Continues to Plague Users

Did you wake up to a bunch of random notifications and soon found that you’re now a member of a bunch of long-forgotten groups? You’re not alone. A glitch within Facebook Groups has re-enrolled many users in groups that they previously exited – we’re talking old groups, like 5+ years old for some. Facebook admitted to the glitch yesterday, saying …

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Facebook Glitch Brings Up the Ghosts of Groups Past

If you woke up this morning, logged onto Facebook, and saw some long-forgotten remnants of the past – you’re not alone. Many users have complained that they are now seeing old groups on their accounts, and even receiving notifications from groups that they had previously removed themselves from. It looks like something went wrong in Facebook land and the company …

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