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Google Glass: Looking Back On 3 Years Of Ridicule

It was nearly three years ago that Google first unveiled its “crazy future glasses,” under the label Project Glass, which would go on to become known as simply “Google Glass”. Now, as you may have heard, Google is halting general sales, though the Glass at Work program will continue. The team and leadership of the Glass unit is making some …

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Glassholes Agreed to Be on The Daily Show, For Some Reason

They couldn’t have thought this was going to be anything but a masterful trolling, right? “Yes it seems, even in this day and age, you can still be treated differently just because of how you look – wearing a $1,500 face computer.” The Daily Show finally took on the world of Glassholes on Thursday night, sending correspondent Jason Jones to interview …

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Google Glass Banned in Famously Strict Movie Theater

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, a Texas-based movie theater chain that is currently in the process of expanding to new and bigger markets, is notorious for forcing proper moviegoing etiquette. The Alamo Drafthouse doesn’t allow kids under the age of 18 without parental accompaniment. It doesn’t allow patrons to enter a theater after the feature has begun. It enforces a strict …

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San Francisco Bar Giving Free Drinks to ‘Outcast’ Glassholes

Let’s say you’re walking around San Francisco, donning a pair of Google Glass, when some guy comes up to you and asks you to stop filming him, lest he “beat the shit out of you”–or something like that. Let’s say you offer the fact that it’s your right to wear whatever you want in public and you’re not even recording …

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Google: Being a Glasshole Will Ruin Everything for Everyone

With new and unfamiliar technology, one of the keys to making sure it grows is to make sure people have a good first impression. For instance, do you really think that all the mall cops of Segways helped Segway? I say that because Google is acknowledging that some Google Glass users are, well, Glassholes. TechCrunch pointed me toward Google’s Glass …

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Guy Wears Google Glass at a Movie, Shocked When Hassled by Feds

As the debate rages on concerning where you can and cannot operate Google’s new nerd goggles, Google Glass, can we at least agree on something – it’s probably best to leave them out of the movie theater? This is not a piracy argument, and it’s not an argument for or against any tactics law enforcement may or may not have …

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