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Mystery Site Is “Not For Noobs”

Microsoft may have something really cool up its sleeve. A strange site has appeared at www.notfornoobs.com. It features a static-filled television that shows glimpses of the Microsoft logo, a three-headed snake, and a countdown timer. Then it requests your e-mail address.

TechCrunch Adds New Gadget Site

If you’re a subscriber to Engadget or Gizmodo, or both, there’s a new gadget site to add to your reading list – CrunchGear.

Microsoft Argo Speculation Flies

Everybody’s talking about a portable device Microsoft is developing, code-named “Argo”. Lets take a look:

Gawker Moves Hint At Ad Downturn

An assortment of personnel moves and the dumping of a pair of poorly performing blogs under the Gawker Media umbrella will take place for a series of reasons, the first being a fear of an advertising downturn.

Bloggers Should Think Coo-petition, Not Competition

Jason Calacanis chastises the WSJ for not directly linking to bloggers. He wants the WSJ to give blogs the credit of a direct link rather than hiding behind Javascript code. That’s touching.

Fourth Origami UMPC Uses VIA Processor

There’s some info coming out on the fourth “Origami” Ultra Mobile PC (after the Asus, Samsung and Founder devices), and it doesn’t use an Intel chip.

My Final Thoughts on CES

I was just talking with Buzz. We’re both exhausted. I didn’t do much of anything until late in the afternoon today.

The Google Googol Keyboard

Google will probably sue the makers of the Googolboard – similar name, similar color-scheme.

CES Coverage Should Be Interesting on Gadget Sites

I was talking with Jason Calacanis (founder of Weblogsinc.com) yesterday and he told me that AOL was sending a bunch of bloggers to CES to cover that, particularly on their Engadget site.

By What Measures?

In the old days, circa Web 1.0, most online marketers measured the success of a Web site with a few different metrics.

WPN Quickies: Ants, Xboxes, and Chicken Hugs

This week’s online guide for the attention deficient is just plain weird. Enjoy.

Girls With Xbox Junkie Boyfriends Form Online Support Group

Is this a real group or a bunch of hocus-pocus to get MTV’s attention? You be the judge.

Micropublishing: The Next Wave For Advertisers

In its 24 October edition, Business Week has an analysis of the recent sale of Weblogs Inc to AOL from the point of view of the potential for advertising in blogs.

First Look At Google OS or A Photoshopped Hoax?

Has an Italian blog stumbled across the first images of the much-discussed Google OS or are they showing the work of someone else’s Photoshop skills…?

Feedster Introduces List of Top 500 Blogs
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With the exploding popularity of all things blogs, keeping track of which ones are the most popular can be difficult task. It’s been estimated that there are 30-80 thousand new blogs created daily, with 500-900 thousand* new posts being made as well. With this bulk of information being delivered daily, finding which blogs are considered popular, unless you have a list to guide you.

Gates Gives Blog Interview

I believe this is a first. Bill Gates gave his first blog interview – to Gizmodo. Huge score for Nick Denton and company.

Are Yahoo! and Hotmail Blocking Gmail Invites?

Joel Johnson created a buzz earlier today by reporting that some Gmail invites and emails aren’t getting through to Hotmail users. Several reports also claim the emails aren’t getting through Yahoo! Mail filters.

Are Hotmail and Yahoo! Blocking Gmail Invites?
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Joel Johnson created a buzz by reporting that some Gmail invites and emails aren’t getting through to Hotmail users. Several reports also claim the emails aren’t getting through Yahoo! Mail filters.