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Google Adds Janrain, Gigya As Google+ Sign-In Partners Google Adds Janrain, Gigya As Google+ Sign-In Partners

Google announced today that it is adding some new integration options to Google+ Sign-in. Google launched Google+ Sign-in in February as its latest answer to Facebook Connect and the Open Graph. Now, Google has added Janrain and Gigya to its …

You Don’t Need Facebook Connect or Google Friend Connect to Socialize
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Google and Facebook have both released new social features for third-party sites recently in Google Friend Connect and Facebook Connect respectively. These are not the only kids of their kind on the block, however, as I am reminded by Gigya, the company behind a platform called Socialize.

While Socialize has actually been around since September, its relevancy seems pretty significant now with the launches of the services mentioned above.

SIS – Widget Talk

Ever hear of widgets? It’s the buzzword of the year for the Web, but few still appreciate how to best use them. How can you use widgets to increase the inbound links to your site? Are there widget directories you can optimize for? What social media strategies are most effective?

Moderator: Bill Flitter, VP, Marketing, Founder, Pheedo