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Apple’s iPhone Then Google’s GPhone

France Telecom’s mobile phone unit, Orange, reportedly sent executives to the Googleplex to discuss a potential partnership.

Should Yahoo! Copy Facebook?

GigaOM Yahoo & Facebook: Deal or No Deal? Robert Young writing over at GigaOm says that Yahoo! should build a Facebook clone and target the 14-22 student demographic.

NewTeeVee.com Covers Online Video Industry

GigaOmniMedia Inc. has launched a new website called NewTeeVee.com that is designed to cover the massive growth of the online video industry.

Yahoo’s Social Networking Empire

GigaOM — Yahoo goes on a startup shopping binge GigaOm (along with quite a few other people) has a post out today about the three acquisitions announced by Yahoo! today. First thing this morning Yahoo! said they were acquiring Bix, then MyBlogLog and then Kenet Works. Whew! What a day.

Thumbs Down on Web 2.0 Conference

GigaOm weighs in with a mostly-thumbs-down on the Web 2.0 conference; seems the cause for complaint was a lot of excessive caution and cynicism, fueled by money.

The Fattest RSS Feeds

One thing I really like about an offline feed reader is that you don’t need to read feeds all the time. Just store them up like a squirrel stores nuts.

Wheres the Bloggers on New Acrobat?

I thought that something like a new version of Adobe Acrobat, which, according to Google on a search for “PDF,” which is the file format produced by Acrobat, is found 2.5 billion times on the Web, would be covered more heavily than it is.