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Seattle To Get Gigabit Internet For $80 A Month

Google Fiber is still something that most of America is waiting for as incumbent ISPs are kicking and dragging their feet into the world of faster wired broadband. There are exceptions, however, and Gigabit Squared is bringing one of those exceptions to Seattle. You may recall last year that Gigabit Squared and the University of Washington joined forces to bring …

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Seattle Gets Fiber Internet Thanks To Gigabit Squared

Before there was Google Fiber, the city of Chattanooga, TN offered gigabit Internet by building out its own fiber infrastructure. Now that Google Fiber is here, however, other cities are beginning to adopt their own fiber Internet services to combat the painfully slow and expensive services offered by telecoms. The latest city to join this effort is Seattle, WA. The …

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$200 Million Raised for Gigabit-Per-Second Broadband Initiative

A startup in Ohio called Gigabit Squared has raised roughly $200 million to fund a gigabit-per-second broadband initiative involving six universities across the U.S. Gigabit Squared has called upon the the University Community Next Generation Innovation Project (Gig.U), which consists of 30 universities, to tap the 6 communities to develop the ultra-fast broadband networks. Blair Levin, executive director of Gig.U, …

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