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“Sharknado” Sets Ratings Record In Third Airing

The unstoppable force that is Sharknado continues to tear through the entertainment landscape like. . . well, like a tornado full of sharks. Not only will the film be coming to theaters, but it keeps delivering on its home network, SyFy. The film pulled in its largest audience yet; for its third airing. You read that correctly. While most storms …

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Riding The “Sharknado” Wave, SyFy Will Bring Us “Ghost Shark” Next

So yeah, Sharknado was a bigtime social media success, and SyFy/NBC Universal are clearly eager to catch that particular brand of lightning in a bottle, which brings us to Ghost Shark, the creation seen in the above trailer. While Ghost Shark doesn’t quite boast the same “star power” that was in the critically acclaimed Sharknado had, it does have Bull …

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