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Apple Sues Samsung (Again) To Halt Sales In Germany

Whew. 2012 arrived and there was a brief concern that Apple and Samsung might drop their 2011 pastime of suing each other in as many countries as possibly. Lucky for, uh, I guess people who could win lawsuits, they have not resolved to cease their legal battles this year. Bloomberg reports today that Apple has filed yet another lawsuit in …

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BillSafe Acquired By eBay

eBay announced that it has acquired BillSafe, a purchase-on-invoice technology provider. eBay will combine the technology with PayPal in Germany. eBay has owned a minority stake in BillSafe since October 2010. Now it owns the whole thing. eBay says BillSafe works with merchants of all sizes in Germany, where there are already over 15 million PayPal accounts. Purchase-on-invoice is the …

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Google Gets Around Analytics Issues in Germany

Early this year, reports surfaced that the German government would possibly fine businesses for using Google Analytics, saying that the tool violates people’s privacy, but Google said at the time: “Google Analytics complies with European data protection laws and is used by other European data protection authorities on their own websites.” Reports indicated that German officials had ended talks with …

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Germany Dislikes Facebook’s Like Button

Apparently, it will soon be illegal to like anything in Germany anymore, at least through Facebook. Thanks to a determination given by “the data protection centre of the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein” (ULD), the Facebook “Like” button violates Germany’s strict privacy edicts, and therefore, must be removed. As pointed out by The Local, the issues with Facebook were explained …

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Google Invests $5 Million In German Solar Plant

So long as German competition authorities prove agreeable, it seems that Google will soon be in part responsible for powering the lights (and computers) at a number of German homes.  Google announced this morning that it intends to invest about $5 million in a local solar photovoltaic power plant. A note to cynics, worrywarts, and shareholders: this move isn’t as …

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Google Street View Okayed By German Court

German citizens may soon have the opportunity to wave at (or dodge) many more cars sporting 15 camera lenses.  In a big win for Google, a Berlin court has ruled that the Street View program doesn’t break any of Germany’s laws. A little refresher for anyone who hasn’t been following along: Germany’s the country in which so many politicians and …

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Eric Schmidt Speaks at Humboldt University: Full Video

Google CEO Eric Schmidt spoke at Humboldt University in Berlin last week. Google has now made video of the entire speech available.

He talks about Google increasing its presence in Europe and Germany, and the funding of a center for discussing/debating the evolution of the web. He also announces a small business initiative.

He then talks about OnePass, the new subscription service the company announced recently.  

There are some microphone issues at the beginning that are somewhat comical. 

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Google Plans 1,000-Person Hiring Spree In Europe

Anyone concerned that Google’s growth will slow under Larry Page can probably at least put aside those fears with respect to the company’s headcount.  Outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt announced today that Google intends to hire 1,000 people in Europe alone.

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eBay Pays $200 Million to Acquire Brands4friends [Update]

Update: eBay just announced that it has completed the acquisition. 

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German Government May Fine Businesses for Using Google Analytics

How much do you rely on web analytics? Probably a great deal, and with good reason. It’s incredibly hard to get ahead online without looking at analytics and using that information to your advantage. Many of you probably use Google Analytics for this, but what if the government threatened to fine you for doing so? 

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Google Street View Debuts In Germany

Google’s had a difficult time launching Street View in Germany; over the past two years, there have been random outcries, more formal protests, and a first-of-its-kind opt-out program.  Finally, though, Google’s made it possible to drag Pegman over the country and view at least a few spots from the perspective of a pedestrian.

This move doesn’t constitute a full launch; the first batch of photographs just covers the town of Oberstaufen, a handful of traditional landmarks (including Berlin’s Victory Column and a public square in Dresden), and ten sports stadiums.

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244,000 Germans Opt Out Of Street View

Street View has at times seemed doomed in Germany, with politicians, privacy advocates, and lots of private citizens protesting the program.  Fewer than 250,000 people opted out when given the chance, however, which from Google’s perspective, is something of a victory.

Granted, 250,000 is a very large number, and Google’s only counted opt-outs from 20 cities in which it’ll soon launch Street View.  The trick is that opinion polls had indicated half (or more) of Germans didn’t like the idea of the program.

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Germans Reject Street View In Large Numbers

Anyone who’s been looking forward to browsing Google Street View images of Germany should prepare to encounter lots of blank or ultra-blurry spots.  A report’s indicated that hundreds of thousands of Germans may have taken advantage of an opt-out process that Google made available.

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Google To Move Ahead With Street View In Germany

Various complaints and privacy laws have in one sense failed to deter Google.  Today, the company made known that it will still roll out Street View in Germany, but it will also make an extra blurring option available to citizens who don’t want their homes or businesses to be visible.

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German Official Cites Privacy Problems At Facebook

Facebook might soon suffer a hit to its bank account – and more importantly, to its reputation – in Germany.  A data protection commissioner has begun formal proceedings, accusing the company of illegally obtaining and storing non-users’ email addresses.

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Google Defies Regulators In Germany, Hong Kong

Since Google first admitted that its Street View cars had collected private WiFi data, the company’s been quick to delete the data when asked.  But authorities in Germany and Hong Kong have asked Google to turn over the data, instead, and so far, Google has declined to cooperate.

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YouTube Music Video Talks Break Down In Germany

After more than a year of negotiations, talks between YouTube and a German group that represents musicians have broken down.  The group, GEMA, has demanded that YouTube block access to around 600 videos as a result, and hinted that other agencies could soon echo its call, too.

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German Official Objects To Facebook Privacy Changes

Germany’s Federal Minister of Consumer Protection is not at all happy with Facebook.  Indeed, in a new open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, Ilse Aigner condemned proposed changes to Facebook’s privacy policy, and threatened to quit the social network if her concerns aren’t addressed.

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Google To Offer Street View Opt-Out In Germany

The back-and-forth over Street View in Germany has been fierce at times, with one Google representative recently hinting that the company intended to move forward as long as German authorities didn’t draft laws against the program.  But now Google’s given in a bit, offering people a way to keep their properties out of Street View from the start.

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eBay-PayPal Tie-Up Draws Complaints In Germany

This has not been a great week for American tech companies trying to do business in Europe.  First, Google got in trouble over allegedly anticompetitive search practices and its policy on Street View data retention.  Now, German antitrust authorities are looking at the way in which eBay has supported PayPal.


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Google Rejects German Street View Concerns

German objections to Street View date back at least a year and a half, and by all accounts, Google still hasn’t come close to convincing the German government that the program is harmless.  Just the same, Google’s announced its intention to move forward with Street View in Germany within the next 10 months.

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European Commission Clears Joint Venture To Fight Google

For some time now, a sort of "Google vs. Everybody" situation has been developing in Germany.  The bad news for the search giant is that, as four online marketing agencies have prepared to team up, the situation’s continuing to take shape, and the European Commission is fine with it.

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More Complaints Filed Against Google In Germany

Life isn’t getting any simpler for the executives and lawyers who represent Google Germany.  This weekend, word spread that three complaints against the organization have been filed with Germany’s Federal Cartel Office.

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German Justice Minister Likens Google To “Giant Monopoly”

Germany’s justice minister is less than happy about the direction Google’s headed.  Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger thinks the search giant may become a monopoly, and she’s not of a mind to sit by while that happens behind closed doors.

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