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iPhone Fireflies Look Awesome iPhone Fireflies Look Awesome

Whatever your feelings are about mobile device tracking, the fact is, it’s a reality we live with. Even before the iPhone location data hoopla hit the wires, mobile devices, particularly with phones, were known to be easy to track. Every …

Is Your iPhone Logging Your Every Move? Is Your iPhone Logging Your Every Move?
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By whom and for what reason is undetermined, but data scientists Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden have discovered a tracking file within devices that operate on iOS 4.  Allan and Warden revealed their findings yesterday at the Where 2.0 location …

Geotargeting for Censorship?

Segregating your traffic by geographical location is a useful thing and is known in the search engine marketing circles as “geotracking”, but you could go one step further and target specific traffic based on geographical location using the cryptic practise known as “geotargeting”. But what happens when it’s used to block access to users based on their geography?