Geospatial Articles

Event of interest – AJAX World

Some info about a little event you may not be familiar with… AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2006 is being held October 2-4 in the Santa Clara Convention Center.

ZoomIn Takes Aim at Google Maps Down Under

Exploring Australia or finding places just got alot easier… ZoomIn lets you add your own places to the community map, create groups of places, upload photos and leave comments.

Nokia Launches New Symbian S60 smartphones

Today in New York Nokia launched the next generation of S60 (series 60) smartphones including the way cool Nokia N95 – an all-in-one multimedia computer with a pioneering 2-way slide concept, integrated GPS functionality, a 5 megapixel camera and support for high-speed mobile networks.

Joopz Puts your PC in Touch with Mobiles

A mobile tip — Joopz “web texting” service enables free two-way text messaging.

Google trends on Maps and Canadians

Poking around Google Trends, I entered a few terms and found something interesting.. what is it about the term “maps” and Canadians?

Cities Database Free Edition

Another POI database is on the market in the GeoDataSource Cities Database product. The company has several flavors that run as much as $1,000+. A free product is available to those who register.

Global Hotelindex uses Google Maps

An interesting “mashup” launched on a popular tourism portal at the global hotel index uses Google maps to power a search of more than 500,000 hotels around the Globe.

Google Free Data Crawl Updated

I have to say it makes me pleasantly happy to see that the ever entrenched “datadepot” has finally been replaced on Google’s search crawl when you search for a common term like “free Alaska DRG“…

Commercial Weblogs and Social Networking

I was checking out the latest release of the GT/Field mobile application from GTI. It was interesting to see that the company’s products are supported via a blogger weblog.

Bouwman’s Tips on Attracting Top Developers

In a post this AM Dave has offered up a nice take on what employers might wish to consider to lure the best talent the next time they are searching for a developer.

Mashup developer challenge – a reminder

The BT Developer’s Challenge is encouraging developers to create a mashup using some of the tools available via programmableweb.

Google Earth Imagery for Relocation of Ramses II

Tracking Ramses using GE.. Archaeology enthusiasts, Egyptian history buffs, or simply anyone interested in great feats of engineering can witness Ramses’ 24-hour journey from Cairo in Google Earth with the click of a mouse.

A Tip on Evangelizing Your Blog

I like sharing.. you should know that about me by now [hopefully].. .so, here’s something I’d like to share, particularly if you’re a blogger or thinking about blogging.

Google Code Jam 2006 Registration is Now Open

Google has once again launched another Code Jam contest and registration is now open — Registration for Google Code Jam closes September 5, and the qualifying round begins on the same day.

Palm Extends GPS to Treo Smartphones…

Here’s how the application works… The Bluetooth technology-enabled receiver identifies the car’s position using satellites.

A Typepad Moblogging Solution from Sixapart

Always on the look for blogging and moblogging tools and resources for our readers, here’s one that will interest you smart folks who use a symbian S60 device.

Maps24 Releases AJAX API and New Developer Zone

Mapsolute, the crew who brought you Maps24 (a very cool mapping service) have just today announced a new, open AJAX API. Some details…

Jane Goodall Institute Google Earth Geoblog

How about another buzzword.. this time it comes from the Jane Goodall Institute who are using aweblog that uses Google’s Earth’s spinning globe as its backdrop.

Create Directory or Group w/ Google Maps

Recall I recently made reference to a very cool mashup found at alertdude – this was in reference to a mashup tracking sexual predators.

Google Consolidates Open Source Projects

Now its Google vs Source Forge as Google. USe the portal to download code, catch the latest updates and patches, read about featured developers and applications, and more.

Fantom Planet Rounds up Bloggers for ESRI

Fantom Planet is once again trying to get some bloggers together.. this time its in San Deigo at the ESRI UC.