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George Hotz, Facebook’s New Hacker

George Hotz, famed iPhone hacker and target of Sony’s lawsuit machine, has apparently gotten a new job working for Facebook. The news first started as rumor reported on by TechUnwrapped but eventually was confirmed by Facebook to multiple sources. Facebook hasn’t yet specified what Hotz will be doing for the company, only stated that he is now on the payroll. …

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George Hotz, Sony Settle PS3 Hacking Suit

Sony and hacker George Hotz, better known as geohot, have been involved in a lawsuit since Hotz jailbroke the PS3 and posted his exploits online.  The PS3 had been notoriously hard to crack, and Hotz’s accomplishment allowed owners to bypass many of the PS3’s internal security measures.  Sony sued Hotz for computer fraud and copyright infringement among other things. On …

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