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GeoEye Gets $3.8 Billion For Satellite Imagery Initiatives

GeoEye, the satellite provider, whose GeoEye-1 provides Google with what the company calls the world’s most advanced commercial satellite imagery, was just awarded a new $3.8 billion contract from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) for increased commercial satellite-imaging capacity.

GeoEye highlights the following items that are included in the contract:

A Year of Google’s Big Eye in the Sky
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A little over a year ago, the GeoEye-1 was launched. This is a satellite from the company Geo-Eye, which entered a deal with Google to provide it with imagery for Google Maps and Google Earth.

A Closer Look at Google Maps on the Google Phone

Google is giving those interested in the new Google Phone (the G1 from T-Mobile) a closer look at the different aspects of it on the Google Mobile Blog. Today Android Product Manager David Conway talks about the Google Maps capabilities on the device:

Hi-Res Google Maps Images On the Way
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You may recall about a month and a half ago, it was announced that GeoEye would be launching a satellite with the highest resolution available on the market and would be lending its technology to Google Maps. Today, the first image was released from the GeoEye-1.

"We are pleased to release the first GeoEye-1 image, bringing us even closer to the start of the satellite’s commercial operations and sales to our customers," says GeoEye CEO Matthew O’Connell.

Google’s Great Big GeoEye in the Sky
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If the watchful eye of Google has been creeping you out with Street View, you’re going to love this. Their satellite imagery is about to get a big boost in resolution courtesy of GeoEye.