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Michael Vick Comfortable in Back-Up Role

Today marked the eighth day of training camp for the Philadelphia Eagles and also the first day where veteran quarterback Michael Vick received zero snaps with the first team offense. Instead, second-year player and perennial controversial decision Geno Smith took all of the snaps under center. And while some may think that former four-time Pro Bowler and NFL rushing leader …

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Michael Vick Signs With New York Jets, Finally Has A New Team

After a week of free agency, and tons of other players being signed and released, Michael Vick may have thought that his time would never come. He finally has a new team to play for, and has signed with the New York Jets. The Jets had been a likely place for Vick to land for a while, considering the problems …

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Michael Vick Claims That He Will Be An NFL Starter In 2014

Well if he did not convey the message clearly enough already, Michael Vick continues to assert the message that nothing is going to stop him from giving up on playing in the NFL. He has been setback by time spent in jail, injuries, and plenty of criticism from fans and other players, but the 13 year NFL veteran is claiming …

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Geno Smith Blames Himself After Losing To Patriots

Geno Smith has won the starting job of quarterback after Mark Sanchez’s disappointing season last year. Sanchez also suffered an injury that will likely keep him out for the rest of this season, after having surgery on his shoulder recently. The Jets selected Smith in this year’s draft and he just finished his second game in the league last night …

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Jay-Z NFL Investigation: Did He Have A Hand In Recruiting Geno Smith?

Jay-Z is under investigation by the NFL after it was found that he may have gotten too close to a recruit during the recruitment process. Jay-Z, who owns Roc Nation Sports Agency, may have been personally involved with the recruitment of Geno Smith for the New York Jets. According to NFL rules, only NFLPA-certified agents can be involved in the …

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Geno Smith: Jay-Z Could Become His Agent

Last month, rapper/producer Jay-Z began selling off his share of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets. The move was part of the artist’s launch of his Roc Nation Sports venture, a new sports representation company. Jay-Z is reportedly looking to becoming a certified sports agent, and an ownership stake in an NBA team would be a conflict of intrest. Other sports agents …

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