Social Networks And Brand Advertising

Social Networks And Brand Advertising

By Mike Sachoff September 4, 2007 | 1 Comment

U.S. social networking sites may generate revenue that could reach $1 billion in 2007, and increase from $400 million in 2006, according to IDC’s "Social Networking Services in the US-Popular, Yes, But how To Monetize Them?" report.

Why Experts Reject Generic Memetrackers

Last week Scoble explained why he was unsubscribing from Memeorandum. More recently he wrote…

Why Experts are Rejecting Generic Memetrackers

Last week Scoble explained why he was unsubscribing from Memeorandum.

Teva/Ranbaxy Required To Withdraw Generic Quinapril

Pfizer has obtained a preliminary injunction halting sales of a generic quinapril product marketed by Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals, and Ranbaxy Laboratories.

Novartis Buys Up Generic Drug Makers

Novartis is buying generic-drug makers Eon Labs and Hexal for a total of $8.3 billion in cash.

Novartis Buys 2 Big Generic Drug Companies

Novartis is acquiring two leading generic drug companies that will be integrated into the company’s Sandoz division.

Generic Searches Lead to Online Purchases

A joint study by DoubleClick and comScore Networks suggests that many consumers conduct product-related searches weeks in advance of purchase and they prefer generic, non-branded, search terms.

Microsoft CRM: Generic Web Development?

Microsoft CRM is designed to be customizable. Also the conception of Microsoft CRM – it is a web-based application – sure it has the MS Outlook client, but this is auxiliary. So think about MS CRM as your web front. We do, however understand that programmers should be given examples on how to modify MS CRM. We are trying to cover this in this small article.

Domain Names and Anchor Text

Branding vs Naming

Many people say that the name of a website should be original. It should convey some sense of branding unlike any other site. They say your name should not be generic.

Save Time with Generic Pages!

A few years ago, it was a common practice to create separate pages for each search engine for each important keyword phrase, then use a robots.txt file to keep other engines out of the engine-specific pages. However, most of us have now changed our philosophy. After all, that “old” strategy was extremely time consuming!