Army Sex Case: U.S. Army General Could Face Life in Prison

Army Sex Case: U.S. Army General Could Face Life in Prison

By Jasmine Allen March 5, 2014

Brig. Gen. Jeffery A. Sinclair faced military trial Tuesday on charges of sexual assault against an Army captain. According to the Los Angeles Times, the now 34-year-old accuser made the allegations against the general in March 2012. She claims that …

Unified Communications Bring Network Traffic

Seventy-five percent of companies estimate that a quarter of their network traffic over the last three months consisted of unified communications-related applications (VoIP, unified messaging, instant messaging), according to a survey from Network General Corporation.

Tudou’s Videos Receive $19 Million In VC Funding

Tudou, a Chinese video-sharing site, has just raised 143 million yuan.  But because Tudou’s funding was provided by the likes of General Catalyst Partners, and Tudou’s advertisers include companies such as Ford, KFC, and Pepsi, it would probably make more sense for me to state that amount as $19 million.

OS Licensing for SaaS
Open Source came before, if not provided a platform for, Software as a Service.  Open Source Licenses have a big loophole for the most common method of software distribution today.  Tim O’Reilly addresses this while making yet another argument for open data.
Attorney General Shows Interest In Copyright Law

I have to wonder if Alberto Gonzales has been watching “Wag the Dog”; the attorney general lacks the power to start a military conflict, but he has put forth a proposal that attacks various forms of copyright infringement.  Some onlookers see this as little more than an attempt to divert attention from Gonzales’s own problems.

Google Ranking News With General Search Results

Google is starting to integrate news results into standard web search results which will eventually mean the end of OneBox results. Under the OneBox scheme of search result display, news links were placed at the top of general search results in a neat cluster.

Letting Amazon & eBay Work for You
Selling your stuff on either of those networks might be a good way to leverage their domain related trust to rank in the search results, but you can also use both of them to research what is worth selling or writing about, even if you do not sell on their networks. Since their research data is conversion oriented, in many verticals it is worth more than keywords from other sources.

eBay offers a Marketplace research service that costs $2 to $25 a month.

Values: From the General Store to the Internet

Relationship marketing and relationship building with blogs has long been considered a major reason for starting and maintaining a business blog.

Online Video In The Corporate World

Video online is nothing new. In 2006 it was used mainly for entertainment purposes. Now more businesses are realizing the value of video to educate and inform customers, critics and shareholders. It is becoming an essential tool for companies to communicate their message.

Internet Archive Open To Art

We worry so much about click-through rates, ad campaigns, and keyword pricing that it’s easy to miss out on the more creative side of what the Internet can offer.

Canadian E-Commerce To Increase
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While online holiday shopping in the US remains robust things are different north of our border in Canada. Canadians lead the world in broadband penetration, time spent online, electronic banking and bill paying. Clearly they are an Internet savvy country but when it comes to making online purchases Canadians prefer to buy at a store.

Spam Increased In 2006

Spam made a big comeback in 2006 according to a report from IronPort Systems, a gateway security provider. The report says that the increase in volume was due to advanced image based spam, which is usually ten times larger than text spam. Because of that digital data sent tripled.

Google Going South?
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Google has possible expansion plans near the South Carolina coast. The company confirmed they were considering the Goose Creek area in Berkley County, which is around 20 miles from Charleston.

Online Holiday Sales Could Reach $19 Billion

Online holiday sales keep soaring and breaking records. So far this season online sales have seen a number of milestones. First there was the over hyped Cyber Monday on November 27, 2006 which saw online sales reach $608 million. One week later on Monday December 4, a new record was reached as consumers spent $647 million online.
That is $39 million more than was spent on Cyber Monday according to comScore Networks.

YouTube Offers Olive Branch To Japan

The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers or JASRAC might be pleased with YouTube’s latest response to the on going saga of copyright infringement. As reported on December 5 JASRAC had sent a letter to YouTube requesting that they improve their screening of copy written material and post warnings in Japanese about uploading such content. YouTube had until December 15 to respond.

Viacom Turned Off By YouTube Clone

It seems that the major broadcast networks idea to create a rival to the popular video-sharing site YouTube could be in jeopardy. As reported earlier in the week NBC Universal, Fox, CBS and Viacom were all in discussions about creating a video site that could compete with YouTube. That all could change.

Ebay Takes New Direction In China

Ebay has plans to close its site in China and partner with Tom Online Inc. an Internet company based in Beijing. Ebay will have a 49 percent stake in the new venture while Tom Online will have a 51 percent share in the deal. The unnamed site is scheduled to open sometime in 2007.