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YouTube Loses German Royalties Case YouTube Loses German Royalties Case

YouTube, the most popular video platform on the web, has been taking some heat over music clip royalties as of late. It was recently reported that parody singer Weird Al Yankovic is suing Sony for $2.5 million, over videos of …

YouTube Music Video Talks Break Down In Germany
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After more than a year of negotiations, talks between YouTube and a German group that represents musicians have broken down.  The group, GEMA, has demanded that YouTube block access to around 600 videos as a result, and hinted that other agencies could soon echo its call, too.

YouTube Germany Pulls Music Videos
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German users of YouTube have, like the rest of us, been subjected to the upside-down display prank Google scheduled for April 1st.  Unfortunately for them, music videos have also been pulled from the German version of the site, and this move looks to be serious and long-lasting.