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U.S. GDP Increases 3.2% in 4th Quarter

Ever since the government shutdown occurred in October last year, economists and consumers alike have been worried about the future state of the United States economy. Thanks to the latest reports from the Commerce Department, however, those fears should be allayed. During the 4th quarter last year, the GDP of the US rose 3.2%. While this figure is down from …

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Google Search Behavior Linked to GDP

Internet users from countries with a higher per capita gross domestic product (GDP) are more likely to search for information about the future than information about the past, a quantitative analysis of Google search queries has shown. The findings suggest there may be a link between online behavior and real-world economic indicators. “The Internet is becoming ever more deeply interwoven …

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Apple Never Stops Expanding: New Products, New Markets!

Market capitalization is a term which speaks to the total value (dollar amount) of the tradable (number available) shares of a publicly traded company. Apple has experienced market caps as large as $400 billion. Right now that is bigger than the gross domestic products (market value of all finished goods and services produced within a country in a given period) …

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