GBuy Articles

PayPal To Google: Bring It On

PayPal President Jeff Jordan said his company is ready and waiting for any competing payment services that Google may launch. The GBuy system is supposed to come out on June 28, according to a note from RBC analyst Jordan Rohan.

Canadian Analysts Favor GBuy

RBC Capital Markets believes Google’s new online payment system, called GBuy, could be the next big thing. The financial services provider, based in Canada, is maintaining its “outperform” rating on Google due to the perceived potential of GBuy.

GBuy or Google Wallet? It’s Coming!

Call it what you want, Google appears to be testing a secure payment system at Google Base.

GBuy the Google Wallet is Vital to Googles Future

Google has a long way to go before it can catch eBay’s PayPal, which has almost 100 million user accounts. But by coupling the power of search to a stored payment system, Google might be able to recruit a critical mass of users quickly, and GBuy could, over the period of just a few months, become a formidable competitor.

Google Testing PayPal Killer GBuy

Several retailers have been quietly testing a Google payment system called GBuy, and users will see a GBuy icon next to AdWords paid search ads. PayPal has dominated the online payment field for some time. It has been a profitable business, one which eBay purchased in October 2002.