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Elizabeth Warren Defends Israeli Airstrikes Hitting Schools

One of the toughest parts about making sense of the conflict between Israel and Palestine is that so many kids are getting killed. People in the faraway safety of the United States choose up sides and make their cases for who is in the wrong and why. Some use religion as their basis. Some call for cooler heads on one …

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Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Under Fire From Jon Voight Over Israel-Gaza

The Israel-Gaza conflict is causing a feud in the entertainment industry. Many celebrities have said something about the problems in the area, and other celebrities respond to them, many times in anger. Time Magazine documented a few who have received a lot of criticism recently, from Zayn Malik to Kim Kardashian. And now, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, and Jon Voight …

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Israeli Airstrikes: Three Attacks in Two Days

Israel appears to be responsible for a series of bombings over the last two days, according to separate reports by the New York Times and USA Today. The NYT article, published today, has Israeli military strikes killing four Hamas militants near the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel. Considered the deadliest confrontation since the Israeli offensive of November 2012, …

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Bomb Explodes Near Cooper During Live Report

Anyone who says reporters don’t have a tough job should probably see this video. Anderson Cooper, who was in Gaza over the weekend reporting on the Palestinian conflict, was standing a bit too close to the target of a rocket, and when it exploded behind him, he ducked in mid-sentence before carrying on with his report. The talk-show host has …

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