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Scott Karp makes a good point in a post about Nick Denton taking the helm at Gawker again (something I also wrote about on earlier). It’s pretty much the same thing I’ve been saying over and over when I talk to companies — including media companies — about blogs and social media. Let me say it again: Blogs are just a publishing system.

Denton Himself Takes Over Gawker

According to the one-man investigative team known as Brian Stelter — formerly known as the guy behind the blog TVNewser, who beat the pants off most of the media reporters at the major dailies while he was still in school — the new editor of Gawker is none other than the founder of Gawker Media, the secretive and unpredictable Nick Denton himself. Stelter says he has it confirmed through several sources.

ABC: Amanda’s Been Canned

Ex-Rocketboom host Amanda Congdon won’t have her contract renewed with ABC, after a year of working with the network.

Making A Corporate Blog A Success

Nick Denton of Gawker Media , one of the first successful bloggers, recently made some changes to his blogging empire. Apparently editors at Gawker, Wonkette, Gizmodo and Gridskipper were moved or replaced.

Gawker Moves Hint At Ad Downturn

An assortment of personnel moves and the dumping of a pair of poorly performing blogs under the Gawker Media umbrella will take place for a series of reasons, the first being a fear of an advertising downturn.

Clooney Launches Spam War Against Gawker

In stage two of George Clooney’s war on the blogosphere, the heralded producer of Academy Award smug (see South Park’s snarky send up) has launched a spam attack against online celeb gossip rag Gawker. It all began with a silly little Google Maps mashup.

Newstex Conducting Gawker, Corante On Demand

Content from the two well-known blog networks will be available as part of Newstex’s Blogs On Demand service.

Clooney at War With Gawker/Google Maps Mashup

Okay, even Gawker admits this could be phony, but it has to get written up: The New York Post’s Page Six says George Clooney is trying to destroy Gawker Stalker by spamming the system.

We Need Auditing

In traditional media an entire industry rose out of advertisers’ need to audit emerging formats.

Valleywag Debuts From Gawker Media

After Nick Denton enticed Nick Douglas away from Blogebrity, it was learned that Douglas would be the scribe behind the then-unnamed Silicon Valley outpost of Denton’s Gawker empire.

Going for that 25 Percent

There’s been a lot of talk about the 25 percent.

Gawker To Peek At Silicon Valley

Rumors have begun to swirl that Nick Denton’s next move after getting placement on Yahoo sites will be to establish a Gawker-like site that looks at the drama and gossip in Silicon Valley.

Gawker Launches Blog for Disgruntled Customers

Look out retailers, Gawker Media has launched a new blog called…

Yahoo Distributing Gawker Blog Content

The portal company will include stories from Gawker Media blogs throughout its network of sites.

Gawker Media Lands Yahoo! News Syndication Deal

The gap between big media and micro media is narrowing.

Micropublishing: The Next Wave For Advertisers

In its 24 October edition, Business Week has an analysis of the recent sale of Weblogs Inc to AOL from the point of view of the potential for advertising in blogs.

Success for Dutch Business Blog Meeting

One of the great things about presenting on new media communication channels to a group of people of which over 90% are active bloggers is that it certainly keeps you focused on the precise relevance of the points you’re making and which they’re expecting to hear about.

New York Times on Gawker Blogs

The New York Times Article on Nick Denton and Gawker has an array of interesting titbits in it that will make a good weekend read for any aspiring ProBloggers.

Gawker Blog Network: A nice little earner

Nick Denton, the expat Brit and creator of the Gawker Media blog network, is interviewed today in the New York Times.

CNET Has a Point … But Bloggers Go On The Attack

I have not always been the biggest fan of C/Net News.com – and during the dot-com days, would joke that their traffic was made up of PR firms, in-house PR people and the VC firms.

Blog Networks and Blog Ownership

I’ve been following on with interest and fascination at John Battelle’s emerging FMPublishing project. John is attempting to build a publishing company …