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Gates To-Do List: Repaint Semel’s Office

If Microsoft can fulfill the promise of Bill Gates’ address to the CEO Summit in Redmond, Yahoo’s CEO Terry Semel may be dining on a large slice of humble pie.

Bill Gates Adopts Three High Schoolers

Bill Gates has “adopted” three seniors at Arizona’s Blue Ridge High School, promising to pay for all of their education and expenses for the next ten years, right up through a doctorate decree.

Gates Having Chinese For Dinner

The Chinese delegation with President Hu Jintao and his entourage will dine with Bill and Melinda Gates at Gates’ mansion after visiting the Microsoft campus today.

Platforms and Ecosystems

The word “platform” has become quite popular in the Yahoo! vocabulary in recent months.

How I Work

Fortune has a really cool series called “How I Work.” They interviewed an array of business leaders and celebrities about the tools and techniques they use to manage their day.

Power Lunch

Damn, never had a lunch like I just had before. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch talking with Bill Gates.

IE7 Layout Complete Build Coming

Mary Jo Foley reports that Microsoft will be unwrapping a “layout-complete” version of Internet Explorer 7 at Mix 06 next week.

$100 Laptops Face Hurdles

M.I.T lit up the world when it announced its massively philanthropic One Laptop Per Child program (OLPC) with the aim of putting $100 laptop computers into the hands of the poorest children on Earth. And no one is blaming them, but despite all noble intentions, skeptics are saying project leader Nicholas Negroponte is putting the cart before the horse.

Bill Gates Wants To Be Steve Jobs

Microsoft has one more thing for Apple: a product announcement on Tuesday afternoon that will follow an Apple “special event” earlier in the day.

Bill Gates Hangs With Oprah

The AP is reporting that Bill and Melinda Gates went with talk show host Oprah Winfrey to a San Diego high school to talk about the Gates’ Foundation’s $11 million school reform project in the area.

Microsoft Developing Virtual Wallet

Bill Gates showed off today a virtual wallet, code-named InfoCard, that will allow people to make transactions online without user names or passwords, and thus, without fear of those things being stolen.

Loyal Searchers or Just A Bunch of Yahoopla?

In recent news, Yahoo! has invited a test group to participate in a new search incentive program.

Bill Gates Has Too Much Money For The IRS

The AFP reports that Bill Gates told a Microsoft conference in Lisbon that he has so much money, the IRS needs a seperate, special computer just for his financial information.

Gates Speaks Out Against Net Censorship, Piracy

Bill Gates says that governments trying to censor information on the Internet are wasting their time.

Gates’ MIT Alternative A Diversion?

Microsoft has done an about face with its support of MIT Media Laboratory’s ambitious “One Laptop Per Child” program, recently stating that cell phone accessories would provide a cheaper alternative, according to the New York Times. Critics say the suggestion is convenient in light of the fact that the Windows CE operating system was rejected by project founder Nicholas Negroponte in favor of open source Linux.

Gates Has Google’s Back On Censorship

Like Google and Yahoo, Microsoft has had to adjust its business practices to suit Chinese government information control personnel, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

New MSN Spaces and Other Stuff

Nice to see the new MSN Spaces. I’ll ask Maryam what she thinks. Dare Obasanjo (who works on that team) links to the relevant details.

Mix06 Ads Everywhere

They are in Wired magazine in Pittsburgh.

Gates, Gadgets, And Google Burgerbots

Microsoft’s Bill Gates opened CES in Las Vegas with his traditional keynote address, corporate blogger Robert Scoble keyed it all in, and Steve Ballmer took a virtual beating at the hands of his subordinate Chief Software Architect.

Here at CES

Ahh, those hour-long taxi lines are so fun! And that was at midnight last night.

Bill Gates Keynote at CES (That Playtable Rocks)

You can watch along. I’m sitting in the Bellagio with a bunch of geeks watching on a video feed. Updates to come.