Bill Gates on Innovation

Bill Gates on Innovation

By Nathan Weinberg December 7, 2007

Bill Gates met with some bloggers Tuesday, and Jonathan Snook decided to go at him with the age-old question about whether Microsoft is an innovator, or a bullying copycat.

Gates on Everything Moving Online

To those of us who have been toiling away trying to explain the benefits of targeted, measurable, interactive advertising: Bill Gates is on our side.

He pulls no punches, and believes that the shift will be ahead of schedule, and not smooth.

Yellow Pages: doomed.

Newspapers: doomed.

Traditional TV ad models: doomed.

And all sooner than people think.

Bill Gates Predicts End Of Yellow Pages

Technology will advance so far for local advertising that when voice and data truly combine on mobile phones, the usage of venerable yellow page directories to find businesses will be near zero for anyone under 50.

Bill Gates Predicts End Of Yellow Pages
Bill Gates Predicts End Of Yellow Pages
Bill Gates Predicts End Of Yellow Pages
Google Voted “Most Popular Brand” In Britain

According to the Millward Brown research consultancy, Google is Britain’s most popular brand. And while that accomplishment in impressive enough its own right, the search engine company achieved it while spending remarkably little money on advertising.

Vista RC1 Media Center Time-Bombs

A whole lot of Windows Vista beta testers are miffed to find out that Vista’s Media Center stopped working properly on December 31.

Global Release Date for Windows Vista

If knowing the precise date when Windows Vista will be released to the world at large is important to you, mark January 30, 2007, in your diary now:

Hail To The Chief, President Gates

An idea floated by Dilbert cartoonist and frequent blogger Scott Adams that Bill Gates belongs in the White House in 2008 has been matched by a website dedicated to the idea, and arguments pro and con about the possibility of Microsoft’s founder and the world’s richest man occupying the Oval Office.

Bill Gates Says Were Back In A Bubble

Hmmm, Bill Gates is reported to have said “we’re back kind of in Internet-bubble era in terms of people thinking: OK, traffic. We want traffic. We want traffic. There are still some areas where it is unclear what’s going to come out of that.”

The boring blogger visits Google Reader later today

I’m off to see the Google Reader team later today (among others, I have another day packed with interviews, will head over to Salesforce.com’s big shindig in SF in the afternoon).

VON Asks Bill Gates What’s On His TV

Think you’d like to watch TV at Bill Gates’ house? No, you wouldn’t, according to Shari Barnett, Director of Media Services, Microsoft TV – unless you consider physics fun. During a morning session at VON, Barnett revealed Gates’ TV habits.

Bill Gates Donated To Charity

Here’s a roundup of a few Windows Vista news items:

Gates Gives Indian Prostitutes A Discount

Prostitutes in India have the opportunity to become card-carrying members of an elite group of, um, prostitutes with chip-embedded smartcards courtesy of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Buffett funds Gates Foundation

There aren’t many people in the world that that headline could be written about. But, nice to see Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates joining forces to change the world.

Gates Announces Semi-Retirement

It’ll take two men to fill Bill Gate’s shoes at Microsoft. In a surprise announcement late yesterday, the behemoth software company chairman, whose Windows operating system changed the face of personal computing, said he would “transition” out of a day-to-day role in the company so he could more intensely focus on charity work.

Bill Gates to Step Down?

There will be an interview up this afternoon with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer on Channel 9.

Gates Weighs In On Immigration Reform

Who should you ask for advice when it comes to matters of national security, human rights, and more specifically, immigration reform? Well, Bill Gates seems to think he has a pretty good understanding of the issues. Gates released a 200-word statement on Thursday expressing his views on the subject.

Gates Hopes To Beat Google At Its Own Game

At a speech on the Microsoft campus, Bill Gates gave an outline of how the company hopes to compete with-and even outdo-the reigning search champ Google. These and other companies are vying for contracts to install search systems at businesses. A key component of Gates’s plan to succeed is the omnipresent Windows software.