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LeAnn Rimes Filmed Music Video On iPhone

LeAnn Rimes may have come up with the coolest music video ever! When she teamed up with Rob Thomas and Jeff Beck for her latest single Gasoline and Matches, the team came up with a new inventive idea for shooting her music video…simply use iPhones and a Vine account. The music video was directed and filmed by Ian Padgham, and …

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LeAnn Rimes Discusses Using iPhones to Film Video

LeAnn Rimes has received extra attention this holiday season, (and, no, it’s not because of a feud) which is partly from the creative and rather unusual means used to record her Gasoline and Matches music video. Animator Ian Padgham was involved in the video that used iPhones and the easily-accessible Vine application. When questioned about the technique needed to make …

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LeAnn Rimes’ Shoots ‘Gasoline and Matches’ Video with iPhones

Grammy award-winning singer LeAnn Rimes has definitely proved that simplicity can be one of the most idealistic forms of creativity. Her latest music video, ‘Gasoline and Matches’ didn’t require the use of studios, film locations, or camera crews because she simply used an iPhone. With the use of the ever-popular Vine mobile application, Rimes was able to shoot the entire …

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LeAnn Rimes On Her iPhone-Shot Stop Motion Video

LeAnn Rimes teamed up with Rob Thomas (of Matchbox Twenty) for her song “Gasoline and Matches”, a fun, twangy, roadhouse-type song that invokes images of line-dancing in a honky tonk. But the video is completely unexpected, in a really good way. When Rimes heard about animator and former Twitter employee Ian Padgham’s amazing Vine account–which was full of his stop-motion …

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