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Free Shipping Gives Customers Gas

During the holiday season, more online retailers are offering free shipping to attract customers by way of offsetting gas prices. Though free shopping may squeeze profit margins a bit, four out of five shoppers say free shipping can be the deciding factor on where to buy their stocking stuffers.

Small Businesses Consider Company Car vs. Personal Mileage Reimbursement In Hurricane Katrina’s Wake

Companies and individuals alike are now concerned that the federal mileage deduction or their company’s gas mileage reimbursement will no longer cover the costs of operating a vehicle for business purposes.

Gas Price-Related Searches Increase

A study conducted by comScore Media Metrix indicates search engine queries seeking lower gas prices has increased by 156 percent.

Tasmanians Discover Humongous Gas Planet

Toward the center of the Milky Way galaxy, Australian scientists make a really big astronomical discovery.

Google Maps Hack finds Cheap Gas!
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Ahding.com has created a timely hack for everyone weary of paying high gas prices. His hack is called Cheap Gas and utilizes Google Maps and GasBuddy to create a display of gas prices and map locations for an area.

Consumer See Gas Prices Drop 3 Cents

Some parts of the country see prices at the pump below two dollars a gallon for the first time in months.

GM, Ford Sales Slump; Gas Prices Blamed

While Toyota and Nissan reported their “best month ever,” General Motors and Ford reported more than dismal sales for April.

Despite Drop In Crude, Gas Prices to Linger

President Bush and Prince Abdullah shook on it. Oil prices have been cliff diving like lemmings on angel dust. We are all systems go now for off-roading this summer, right? Not quite.

Deficit and Gas Prices Lead to Slow Economic Growth

According to the Commerce Department, the economy’s growth fell to its slowest rate in two years at 3.1% in the first quarter.

Oil and Gas Inventories Tanked

With U.S. stockpiles declining and oil prices rising, prices at the pump seem to be in further trouble. Light sweet crude prices closed at $52.50 after dropping below $50 a share earlier in the week. Brent crude also closed higher, up 80 cents for the day.

Oil and Gas Prices Fall

Oil prices fell more than $1 a barrel with inventories in the U.S. increasing and gasoline futures falling.

Oil Up On Fallen Gas Supplies

Oil prices went up with a report showing that gasoline supplies in the United States have fallen.

Gas Supplies Decrease, Oil Prices Increase

Gas supplies have gotten lower in the United States and as a result, oil prices have gone up.

Gas Prices Fall But Are Expected to Rise

Gas prices in the U.S. have fallen over the past two weeks, but are expected to rise again before too long.

Greenhouse Gas to be Reduced?

After the Bush administration claimed it was making a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it was accused of being deceptive.

India Gets Mandate for Pipeline Discussion

The mandate was given to India’s petroleum ministry to hold talks with other governments regarding cross-border gas pipelines.

Auto, Gas Security Chips Cracked

Researchers were able to crack car alarm systems based on RDIF making it simple for criminals to steal your car or get free gas.

Natural Gas Pipeline Gets Thumbs Up

India, Myanmar and Bangladesh signed an agreement for a natural gas pipeline from Myanmar to Bengal and Bihar through Bangladeshi territory.

I Learned About Web Marketing From Gas Stations
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From time-to-time, our expert staff find the time to write some fantastic articles. We try to suppress this by giving them more work, but they sometimes slip through. 😉

Yahoo Search Offers Gas Price Shortcut

Searching for the cheapest gas when you need to fill up the tank just got a little easier thanks to Yahoo Search. Yahoo now features a search shortcut that will allow users to locate the lowest gas prices in their area. With today’s gas prices averaging around $2 a gallon, the need for such a option is clear.