Gartner Articles

Microsoft Casts Net to Catch Phishers

Microsoft is taking a play from the playbook of “Dirty Harry” by telling phishers around the globe to,” go a head punk and make their day”. They are working with law enforcement in Europe and the Middle East to catch gangs of phishers.

Pay Attention to Gartners Hype Cycle

IT industry analysts Gartner published their 2006 hype cycle for emerging technologies this week – their predictions on what they think will be hot technologies in the near future, and what won’t be.

Tis The Season Of CRM Mergers

The research firm Gartner thinks the rash of mergers and acquisitions in the customer relationship management sector has only just begun, according to its latest findings. The company believes “the CRM market will continue its consolidation unabated.”

Google May Acquire Thumbstacks Says Gartner

MarketingVOX is reporting the Gartner Group thinks that Google will likely acquire a web-based PowerPoint-like presentation application, such as Thumbstacks.

Ballmer Whispers Of Vista Delay

The consumer version of the much delayed Windows Vista operating system may be pushed past its planned January 2007 launch date.

Microsoft May Delay Vista Again

A two-sentence post from research firm Gartner has caused some uproar in the technology world, as Gartner researchers claim Microsoft will miss its release of Vista by three months, pushing it back into 2007.

Vista Delay Story With Little Evidence

There’s been a lot of press on a Gartner Research report that predicts Windows Vista will be delayed three months.

ClickTracks Gets Big Sales, Gartner Coverage

The web analytics company announced a record sales quarter and the addition of the company to coverage by Gartner in its MarketScope for Web Analytics.

Gartner vision for technology includes AJAX…

Gartner’s vision for the next decade regarding information technology was recently presented at the CeBIT event.

Gartner Warns Firms On Google Desktop

The research company thinks that corporations should utilize the Enterprise version of Google Desktop if they permit the product in their operations.

Gartner Says IT Orgs Changing, Disbanding

In a new study by research firm Gartner, IT organizations will be facing dramatic change in the coming years. By 2011, 75% or more will have a different role entirely , 10% will be gone and 10% more will relegated to commodity status.

Gartner Slams Sun/Google Non-announcement

Based on expectations driven by posts in Sun president/COO Jonathan Schwartz’s blog online, analysis firm Gartner was not impressed by what was disclosed.

Gartner Says PCs Heading For Double Digit Growth

Research firm Gartner says PCs set to move to the tune of double digit growth but revenues will be flat. Their new study says PC unit shipments are set to 12.7% but they said accompanying revenues will grow just .5%.

Corporate Governance Fuels Boom For Enterprise Software Vendors

Business Week reports on the success of enterprise software vendors and their ‘corporate governance programs’ to fix internal accounting problems …

Gartner: Election Provides a Glimpse of the Internet’s Power to Persuade

Gartner G2: From Web portal news coverage to individual blogs, the world got a glimpse into a future that portends a major shift in political communications.

Finalists for Gartner’s CRM Excellence Award Announced

Gartner announced the six finalists for Gartner’s CRM Excellence Award, which will be presented at the company’s CRM Summit, October 4-6 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Borland to Sponsor Application Development Marketplace at Gartner ITxpo & Symposium

Borland Software Corporation today announced it will sponsor the Application Development Marketplace at the Gartner ITxpo & Symposium 2004.

Gartner’s CRM Rankings

Analyst group Gartner has released its latest customer relationship management (CRM) Magic Quadrant, and concludes that Siebel remains the indisputable category leader. The quadrant is a pictorial representation of how Gartner feels e-business software vendors stand within a given category represented by axis that divide into four boxes: leaders (big on both execution and vision), challengers (big on execution, not as big on vision), visionaries (long on vision, but less ability to execute), and niche players (narrow vision and execution alike).