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Texas Oil Spill: Dead Oiled Birds Already Discovered

A major oil spill in Texas occurred when ship hit a barge filled with millions of gallons of oil sitting in the bay of Galveston, Texas, on Saturday afternoon, spilling 168,000 gallons of thick, sticky oil into the Port of Houston. As clean up crews worked, going into their third day after the spill, wildlife rescuers were also in the …

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Galveston Oil Spill Leaves 160,000 Gallons of Oil In Bay

Galveston Bay, Texas is one of the world’s busiest petrochemical transportation waterways, but the port remains closed after an oil spill on Sunday when a marine fuel oil barge collided with another ship. The barge was carrying nearly a million gallons of marine fuel oil, but officials believe only one of the barge tanks was hit – which is still …

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