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Gallagher Suffers Another Heart Attack

Legendary prop comic Gallagher has suffered another mild heart attack, four days after being discharged from a Dallas-area hospital where he was recuperating from a separate heart attack. Allegedly, the comedian ran out of the medication he was taking, and began to feel chest pains, prompting him to seek treatment at an Arizona hospital. According to a representative of the …

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Comedian Gallagher Retiring

Prop-comedy legend Gallagher says he’s finished performing live onstage, and is retiring after 32 years. The California-based comedian, whose full name is Leo Anthony Gallagher, told Marion, Ohio radio station WDCM on Thursday that his retirement plans include blogging for fans and possible appearances at private parties. This news comes after the comedian suffered his second heart attack while performing …

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Gallagher Out of Coma

Comedy legend Gallagher was taken out of a medically induced coma, after recently suffering a heart attack near Dallas, Texas. The prop comic’s promotional manager Christine Scherrer said that Gallagher instantly recognized his family members after doctors slowly woke him up. Scherrer adds that Gallagher is breathing on his own, moving around and cracking jokes, but there is no word …

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Comedian Gallagher Suffers Heart Attack

Comedy legend Gallagher, known for his watermelon-smashing antics, suffered a heart attack last night at a bar in Lewsiville, TX, just before he was set to take the stage. Gallagher, born Leo Anthony Gallagher, 65, began to suffer intense chest pains moments before he was to perform. The owner of the club Hat Tricks called 911, and the prop comic …

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