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Samsung Unveils The Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

At CES earlier this month, Samsung announced two mega tablets – the Galaxy note Pro and the Galaxy Tab Pro. Both tablets feature a 12.2-inch display and will no doubt appeal to the luxury tech user who demands large displays. What about the user who wants an affordable, smaller option though? Well, Samsung may have just the thing for them. …

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Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Will Annoy You With Its Color Scheme On November 10

Color is one of the most important aspects of any consumer technology. After all, color makes up a consumer’s first impression of any device, and that’s why most companies play it safe with black or white. It seems that all color sense is thrown out the window when kids get involved though. Samsung announced today that its Galaxy Tab 3 …

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Samsung Announces The Galaxy Tab 3, Gets A May Release

The original Galaxy Tab helped to popularize the 7-inch tablet when it was released in 2010. Samsung then began to experiment with different sizes in 2011, but returned to the original branding with the Galaxy Tab 2 in 2012. Now the company is sticking with the branding in 2013 with the Galaxy Tab 3. Samsung announced today that it intends …

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