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Magna Carta Holy Grail: Jay-Z’s New Album Coming to Galaxy Phones

Since making a name for himself in rap, Jay-Z has gone on to become one of the most successful entertainers in history, making millions as a producer, investor, and, most recently, a sports agent. That doesn’t mean he’s given up on his musical aspirations, however. Jay-Z this week announced his latest album, titled Magna Carta Holy Grail. The rap star …

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Samsung Galaxy Note II Finally Arrives In America Via T-Mobile

Samsung’s Galaxy Note, its interesting phone/tablet hybrid, met with mild success. Now it’s time for its successor to make an impact on the American smartphone market. Too bad it’s launching at a ridiculously high price on one of the smaller US carriers. The Galaxy Note II goes on sale today via T-Mobile for $369.99. Of course, that’s only if you …

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Sprint Galaxy Note II Coming October 25

Sprint announced today that Samsung‘s Galaxy Note II smartphone will be available on its network beginning October 25. The device will cost $299 with a new or upgraded 2-year service agreement. The carrier will have the Galaxy Note II in both of its colors: Marble White or Titanium Grey. It will be the first Sprint smartphone to launch running Android …

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T-Mobile Gets the Galaxy Note II on October 24 [RUMOR]

It’s already known that Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy Note II on every major U.S. carrier, just like it did the Galaxy S III. If history serves a a preview, however, the actual launch date for the extra-large smartphone will be different for every carrier, as will the price and version availability. In other words, it will be a …

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Galaxy Note II Sales to Top 20 Million, Says Samsung Mobile Head

While Apple continues to believe that the width of the new (and old) iPhone is perfect for human hands, there are customers who have clearly taken the view that “bigger is better” when it comes to the size of smartphone screens. Case in point: Samsung’s Galaxy Note smartphone, with its massive 5.3-inch screen, was an unexpected hit. The next version …

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Galaxy Note II to Launch on Verizon, Every Other Major U.S. Carrier

It appears that Samsung is on a roll that can’t be stopped. BriefMobile this weekend reported that an anonymous “reputable source” told them Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note II will be sold through Verizon. That means the Galaxy Note II will be the second Samsung phone to be released across all major U.S. carriers this year, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and …

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