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Are Virtual Worlds Now Passe?

There are plenty of virtual worlds around and as proof one can point to the second Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo, which begins today in San Jose and runs through tomorrow.

Zwinktopia:IAC’s Procrastination Heaven
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It’s a good thing I’m writing this instead of speaking it; no self-respecting 30-year-old man could bring himself to say "Zwinky" out loud – unless you work for Interactive Corp., where it’s you’re job to talk about Zwinktopia, a virtual online world that launched today.

Hammer Dropped On Google Earth Viewer

Users of the Gaia project’s open source utility for viewing the data normally available to Google Earth clients have been asked to stop using it in the wake of a cease and desist request from Google.

Google Ends Gaia’s World
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Opensource three dimensional Earth viewer Gaia received a cease and desist letter from head Google Earth technologist, effectively ending their world.