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Joe Biden: Could We Get a President Gaffe?

“An hour late? Oh, give me a f**king break!” –Joe Biden Anytime you bring up Joe Biden’s name, the first word out of the mouth of someone standing nearby is “gaffe”. In fact, before Biden got onto the Dem ticket in 2008, you could count on one hand the number of times you heard the word “gaffe” in a year. …

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Asiana Name Gaffe: Frisco TV Station Takes Blame for Accidental Racism

A few days ago, San Francisco Fox affiliate KTVU was feeling pretty good about its coverage of the Asiana plane crash on July 6. The TV station issued a web promo bragging about having been the first station with cross-platform news of the event, complete with “aerial shots from KTVU NewsChopper 2,” the “first with a live reporter from the …

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Romney Etch-A-Sketch Moment May Come Back To Haunt Him

Mitt Romney has run a pretty successful campaign so far, winning the Illinois primary just this week and getting official endorsement from Jeb Bush being some of the more recent highlights. He’s leading over the other candidates so far, although today he is traveling to Louisiana–where Santorum is a favorite–before their primary on Saturday. But it’s possible all that work …

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