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CallWave Teams Up With Google Desktop

Google and CallWave have partnered to provide a text-messaging gadget for Google Desktop users. With the utility, users will be able to send text messages to any cell phone, while choosing to receive them either as an e-mail message or have them sent directly to their handset.

The service is currently still in beta, and allows subscribers to send unlimited text messages throughout the United States and Canada.

New Google Talk Gadget Goes Live
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In a departure from the negative publicity surrounding the company this week, Google announced the launch of its instant messaging gadget today. The Google Talk gadget can be embedded in a user’s personalized Google homepage or on any other webpage or blog simply by adding a line of code.

Google Desktop Receives A Makeover

Even though Windows Vista hasn’t been received with quite the fanfare Microsoft would have liked, the fact remains that the integrated desktop search functionality represents a potential snag in Google’s master plan for continued dominance within the industry.

Live Search Gadgetizes Vista

A couple of new Live Search gadgets designed for the Vista Sidebar add out of the browser search and traffic results to Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Gadget Spark – Great Marketing Idea

Do you ever hear of a new marketing idea and think to yourself, ‘Man – wish I had thought of that!’?

William Cross, who many of you may know from SeoFox, sent me a press release concerning the launch of his new company, Gadget Spark. Gadget Spark is the first company out the door to market custom Gadgets for the Windows Vista Sidebar.

According to Microsoft,

Google Makes Gadgets Easier

Google announced on their blog today some new features for the Google Personalized Homepage, and I had the opportunity to talk with Sepandar Kamvar, Google

Play Stump The Google Personalized Page

Some updates have hit Google’s Personalized Homepage (unfortunately a shorter/catchier name was not among them), including one that makes the tabs a little more interesting.

Google Gadget University Awards

Google handed out awards for the best Google Gadgets by college students.

New Vista Sidebar Gadgets

I’m always on the lookout for Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets (since the number is low, and the Gadgets hard to find), so here are a few more from Tom at Cener:

Google Sets Gadgets Free

Google Gadgets have been set loose, figuratively speaking. According to the Google Code Blog, anyone who’s interested in them can now “easily add gadgets to your own site for free.” Adam Sah, of the Google Gadgets team, also spoke at length about his department’s activities.

Pimp Your Web Ride With Google

Enjoy placing the digital bling on your blog with Google Gadgets, previously available only for the Desktop and Personalized Homepage.

Google Names Top Gadgets

The Google Desktop blog announces the winners of their Google Desktop Gadget Contest.

Windows Live Spaces Debuts
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The successor to Microsoft’s MSN Spaces blogging service launched this week with an assortment of new features for its users.

Microsoft Launches Windows Live Spaces

Microsoft is the latest company to try and take on MySpace’s social network dominance.

New Google Desktop Features Google Gadgets
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SEW has details of a new beta version of Google Desktop just announced.

Google Breaks Out On Press Day

Four products took center stage during Google’s annual media event, as the company reiterated just what their focus is for the business.

Yahoo Takes On CNet With Gadgets

Yahoo’s latest website, Yahoo! Tech, debuted with a heavy focus on consumer electronics and a dominant advertising display on the front page.

New Vista Build (5342)

Recently, Microsoft released a new build of Windows Vista to testers, Build 5342. 5342 included some new stuff, like new Windows Sidebar Gadgets:

Brain Typing And Super-Smart Lasers

We don’t have flying cars, food replicators, or matter transporters yet, but science has moved to a point where lasers can identify the chemical makeup of compounds and computers can take user input from brain activity instead of needing a keyboard and mouse.

My Final Thoughts on CES

I was just talking with Buzz. We’re both exhausted. I didn’t do much of anything until late in the afternoon today.

Gates, Gadgets, And Google Burgerbots

Microsoft’s Bill Gates opened CES in Las Vegas with his traditional keynote address, corporate blogger Robert Scoble keyed it all in, and Steve Ballmer took a virtual beating at the hands of his subordinate Chief Software Architect.