Jim Parsons And All-Star Cast Highlight Ryan Murphy’s Upcoming HBO Film

Jim Parsons And All-Star Cast Highlight Ryan Murphy’s Upcoming HBO Film

By Tobias Roth January 10, 2014

The news just continues to pile on for the HBO network today. HBO already announced that its hit comedy Girls would be returning for a fourth season, and the premiere date for season four of Game Of Thrones. The most …

Google Talk Gadget Learns More Languages

Some announcements are surprising, while others are expected. 

This is neither; although we didn’t know it was going to happen, it’s actually quite logical that the Google Talk Gadget would gain support for 19 more languages.

Google Redesigns Gadget Directory

The iGoogle gadget directory has been completely redesigned.

My Facebook Vista Sidebar Gadget

With Microsoft buying a portion of Facebook, it’s only appropriate that tonight’s Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget is a Facebook one.

Marketers Should Be Terrified By This!
A panel of young adults moderated by Guy Kawasaki which should be very interesting to marketers and anyone in the mobile business.

Google Gadget Ads All About The Experience

A Google spokesperson provided a few more details about Gadget Ads, the widgety rich media ad platform the search advertising company recently debuted.

Senate Prepares Grill For Google
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Google’s proposed purchase of DoubleClick has drawn the scrutiny of privacy advocates, the Federal Trade Commission, and now a Senate Judiciary subcommittee.

Google Gadget Ads Rolling Out

Today Google is announcing the wider availability of Google Gadgets in ad format, something that has been in testing for months. Several advertisers are cited as happy beta partners, including Intel, Six Flags, and a fizzy beverage company.

Go Go Google Gadget Ads

A new interactive ad format has entered the world of widgets with Google’s release of Gadget Ads, touted as ‘Websites within Websites’.

Hitwise Launches New Widget

Online intelligent service Hitwise has launched a new Hitwise Widget that will highlight online usage trends from Hitwise To Go.

Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis Google Gadget
I put my favorite keyword research tools and competitive research tools in a Google Gadget. Thanks to Jay at Widget Waker for making the original version with a sweet design, which I hacked up a bit to add a few more tools at the last minute.

If you use the iGoogle homepage you can add the tool to your homepage by selecting add by URL and then submitting this URL:

Google Offers Investments For Gadgeteers

A new program called Google Gadget Ventures, launched by the search advertising company, will hand out grants and seed investments to worthy gadget writers.

AOL Previews Mail Gadget

AOL is launching a preview of their "AOL Social Mail Gadget" which was created using Microsoft Silverlight technology.

How Long Until Search Engines are the Biggest Affiliates
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Google Tests Gadget Ads
Google is testing a program to put ads in Google Gadgets on websites. The Gadget would basically be a non-traditional ad unit, one with interactive parts as opposed to a pitch and a link.

Google Personalized Homepage Gets A Name: iGoogle
Google has finally given its personalized homepage a name, calling it what many people had suspected the name was all along: iGoogle. Google had a whole Personalization Workshop in Mountain View yesterday, and Google Blogoscoped had someone on the scene for the whole thing.

Some details:

CallWave Teams Up With Google Desktop

Google and CallWave have partnered to provide a text-messaging gadget for Google Desktop users. With the utility, users will be able to send text messages to any cell phone, while choosing to receive them either as an e-mail message or have them sent directly to their handset.

The service is currently still in beta, and allows subscribers to send unlimited text messages throughout the United States and Canada.