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FYX No Longer Offering Its ‘Global Mode’ Workaround

We reported this past week on FYX, the new ISP in New Zealand that offered a “Global Mode” that would have let its users access geo-blocked content like Netflix. Those plans have been dialed back as FYX rescinds the service only 48 hours after it went live. The Register is reporting that FYX pulled the option even though the whole …

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New Zealand ISP Skirts Region-Restrictions With a “Global” Mode

When are movie and television studios going to learn that the internet effectively makes any country or region-specific premiere into a global premiere. It’s clear that piracy is simply a market correction for those markets that can’t legally obtain already-released content in their area. It’s the stubbornness of studios that refuse to give up on regional releases or that overcharge …

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New Zealand ISP Offers Workaround For Geo-Blocked Content

Living in a country that is not the U.S., Canada or the UK can be a pain sometimes, especially when it comes to accessing online content. Many online services like Netflix geo-lock their Web site to only certain countries. People in, say New Zealand, can access these sites via proxy, but not everybody is tech savvy enough to take advantage …

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