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Mark Zuckerberg’s Releases New Pro-Immigration Ad

The immigration debate is heating up in Washington again as President Obama has asked Congress to put a bill on his desk before summer’s end. One of the largest proponents of immigration reform – Mark Zuckerberg’s – is now doubling down with a new ad campaign. Central to the campaign is a new TV ad called “Emma.” The title …

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Zuckerberg’s Immigration Reform Group Snags Bill Gates, Sean Parker, and More

Mark Zuckerberg’s immigration-focused political advocacy group is getting the help of a few more tech heavyweights. Today, announced a couple of new members: Microsoft founder BIll Gates, current Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Microsoft EVP Brad Smith and Sean Parker, of Napster and later, Facebook fame. “We’re thrilled that Bill Gates, Brad Smith, Steve Ballmer, and Sean Parker – longtime …

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Zuckerberg: U.S. Immigration Policy ‘Unfit for Today’s World’

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has pulled the cover off his immigration reform group, outlining its position and naming its advocates in a Washington Post op-ed. He starts off with an anecdote about a young, undocumented student that he teaches in an after-school class on entrepreneurship. The kid’s family is from Mexico, but he’s live in America basically his whole life. …

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