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‘Futurama’ Season 10 (Otherwise Known As Season 7B) Gets Netflix Release Date

We’ve learned that Netflix will begin offering the tenth season of Futurama on Tuesday, December 10th. Fans can already stream the first nine seasons. The season labeling with this show is a little tricky. What is known as Season 10 by Netflix and other places is the tenth broadcast season, but actually the seventh production season, as Futurama Wiki explains. …

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“Futurama” Is Really Over This Time…Or Is It?

“Futurama” has had four series finale shows so far, with the most recent being on Wednesday night, when fans got to see their beloved Fry and Leela tie the knot. Because of the show’s cult status and enduring popularity, it was brought back in straight-to-DVD-movie form after Fox canceled it in 2003, then moved on to new episodes in 2010. …

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Futurama Has Been Cancelled (Again)

Bad news, everyone. Comedy Central had decided not to renew Futurama for another season, according to a report from Entertainment Weekly. The show’s final 13 episodes will begin airing on June 19 and run until September 4. Futurama originally aired on network TV channel Fox from 1999 until 2003. The series was created by Simpsons creator Matt Groening, along with …

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Like 3D Chalk Art & Time-Lapse Videos? Why Not Zoidberg?

If you’re going to spend hours creating 3D chalk art, why not snaps a couple thousand shots and make a fun time-lapse video out of it? And as far as subject matter goes, why not Zoidberg? Yes, Futurama‘s very own lobster-like doctor from the planet Decapod 10 is the subject of this cool piece from artist Chris Carlson and photographer …

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Geek Culture Looked At From A Different Angle

(image) Optimus Prime Is there anything better than a great triangle? The absurdity of that statement just goes to show you how exciting triangles really are. From the Tri-Force to the Bermuda Triangle, the triangle is shrouded in mystery and mysticism. Josh Ln knows the pure power of the triangle and he shows his complete mastery of it with these …

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“Countdown to Futurama” Launched by Comedy Central

Comedy Central launched its “Countdown to Futurama” today on the Futurama Facebook page. Starting today, new teaser content will be posted daily including clips, character designs, episode stills, story boards, and more. This will go on for 50 days until the June 20th premiere of the series’ seventh season. The first bit of content released is a short clip from …

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