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Insomniac’s Fuse Will Be Released On May 28

Ever since Insomniac changed Overstrike into Fuse, it seems that interest in the title has dropped somewhat. The game still looks like a fun shooter with interesting weapons, but it ditched the colorful and humorous style shown in the original trailer. The new trailer – dubbed “Fable’s Vision” – doesn’t really do much to sell people on Fuse beyond its …

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Fuse Delayed to Spring or Early Summer

EA‘s third quarter earnings revealed lower revenue, but a lower net loss than the previous year. Aside from blaming its revenue woes on its cynical Call of Duty: Warfighter project, EA also had a few other announcements it could reveal now that its holiday earnings have been released. The most notable announcement is that Fuse has been delayed to the …

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New Fuse Trailer Explains Character’s “Rules”

EA and Insomniac Games today released the latest trailer for Fuse, a team-based sci-fi shooter set to launch sometime in March. The trailer is titled “Dalton Rules” and goes over one of the main character’s three tongue-in-cheek “rules” that he follows as an Overstrike agent. In Fuse, players will play as one of four operatives that dive in over their …

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