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Unemployment Claims Rise Due to Shutdown & Glitches

The unemployment weekly claims report released by the US Department of Labor indicates that initial unemployment claims rose to 374,000 this week, up 66,000 from the 308,000 total last week. The shutdown of the United States government was bound to impact the labor market, but the impact on these reported claims is perhaps less than one thinks. While 500,000 government …

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Porta Potties Rescue Salem, MA During Shutdown

Each October, Salem, Massachusetts, famous for its 1692 witch trials, holds a month-long festival called “Haunted Happenings” – though this year things have gotten complicated, with the partial shutdown of the federal government. The National Park Service was forced to close its Salem visitor center, including the bathrooms. Volunteers brought in porta potties to remedy the situation. Salem sees 25% …

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Dog Eats Money, U.S. Mutilated Currency Div. Steps In

A wily, one-eyed golden retriever from Montana named Sundance ate five Benjamins ($500 USD) worth his owner’s money last year, and the Mutilated Currency Division of the U.S. Department of the Treasury replaced it. Owner Wayne Klinkel was eating lunch with his wife, when Sundance got into a car cubby and ate the bills. Klinkel, a graphic designer in Helena, …

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Government Shutdown Imminent, For Once

Since Obama’s presidency began, there have been threats about a government shutdown. Fighting a two-front war and continuing to pay for ever-increasing Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security programs have been the main culprits. Over the years, however, Democrats and Republicans have been able to resolve their differences in just enough time to avoid the shutdown. Things don’t look so great …

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