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Furby Boom- Where To Find This Hot Toy Cheap On Black Friday

It seems like there are a few toys every Black Friday that are considered the top gifts for Christmas. This year, one of the most popular toy items is the Furby. This isn’t the first time the Furby has been at the top of Christmas lists. When it first hit the shelves in 1998, there were 1.8 million Furbys sold. …

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Furby, What Every Kid Wants for Christmas?

Christmas is just around the corner, and every parent wants to know what gift is the best option to buy their child (children) this year. While nobody knows what is better for a child than a parent, there is one toy that has continually been given media attention; the furry, interactive Furby. Think of a cute animal that children don’t …

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Furby Boom is Hot Holiday Toy for 2013

The Furby Boom is Hasbro’s 2013 edition of a toy that has become a modern classic. Hasbro is pushing the app component of the Furby Boom this holiday season. The app is available for iOS devices through iTunes and for Android devices through Google Play. New app features offer the ability to name your Furby and to monitor its vital …

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