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Friskies Dear Kitten: Everybody Loves This Commercial [VIDEO]

A viral video from cat food company, Friskies went viral and generated more than 5 million views on YouTube in just four days. This goes to show that cats still rule the World Wide Web. In the video, an older cat gives advice to a kitten who is new to the household. The video is narrated by Ze Frank, the …

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Plays Prankster At Gold’s Gym

What would you do if Arnold Schwarzenegger was watching you workout at the gym? If he was wearing a disguise would you recognize him? Schwarzenegger tried to pull a prank on members of Gold’s gym in Venice, California, by putting on a black mustache, a fake black ponytail and a baseball cap to give instructions to unsuspecting members as they exercised. …

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Surprises In Super Bowl Ad

The teasers for the upcoming Super Bowl commercials in February have started airing on TV, and one of them features Arnold Schwarzenegger. “The Governator” will appear in a number of ads to promote Bud Light beer. Schwarzenegger, who spent most of the 2000’s in office as California Governor, has made ad appearances overseas, but has stayed clear of doing U.S. advertisements. …

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Mike Tyson Returns Evander Holyfield’s Ear In Hilarious Foot Locker Ad [Video]

Foot Locker’s hilarious new commercial features Mike Tyson and a piece of ear he bit off  about 16 years ago. The retailer is promoting its “week of greatness” in a new ad campaign. The ad starts out with Cleveland Cavaliers star, Kyrie Irving chilling by a basketball court with two friends. ” A whole week of the most premium kicks… feels …

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