Funding Articles

AdBrite Receives $23 Million In Funding

If we’re heading towards (or already in) a recession, it isn’t yet hurting online advertising much – AdBrite, which specializes in that field, just received $23 million in funding.

Youku.com Receives $25 Million In Funding

There’s seems to be some small, subtle thing that keeps Google from succeeding in China.  Unfortunately, I can’t identify it (the ability to do that is probably worth a lot of money).  But as further proof of its existence, a Chinese YouTube clone just received $25 million in funding.

ChaCha Gets Extra-Important $10M In Funding

In a series B round of funding, the Indiana 21st Century Research and Technology Fund showed its confidence in ChaCha by tossing in $2 million.  Morton Meyerson must really like ChaCha, though – he gave the human-powered search company $8 million.

5min Earns $5 Million In Funding

For a video-sharing site known as 5min, there’s good news and bad news.  The good: it just brought in $5 million through a round of funding.  The bad: about half of it is now owned by investors.

Real Estate Blog Raises $1.5 Million

So what if the real estate market is tanking?  I think that’s much more interesting to read about than a break-even or everybody-gets-rich scenario, and some investors may feel the same way; Curbed.com, a blog that covers real estate, just received $1.5 million in funding.

FiveRuns Receives $6.2 Million In Funding

It would have been more fitting (in terms of alliteration) if FiveRuns had gotten around $5 million in funding.  Instead, the company, which works with Ruby on Rails, did especially well and took in $6.2 million.

Tumblr Finds Funding

It’s not quite ready to overtake Blogger or TypePad – from which it claims to be completely different – but Tumblr, a blogging company, is now $750,000 richer thanks to a round of funding.

Following FoodFight, SocialMedia Catches $3.5M

SocialMedia Networks is behind several Facebook applications, including FoodFight.  FoodFight allows users to “throw” various things, including piles of poop, at each other.  Fortunately, this app’s success is not directly responsible for SocialMedia’s recent $3.5 million round of funding.

TokBox Receives $4 Million In Funding
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Some beta services are more refined than others, and TokBox, which offers free video chat, may still have a ways to go.  But TokBox has the support of Sequoia Capital, and also has around $4 million from the venture capital firm.

OSS Venture Capital & M&A

Many of you may have heard that Matthew Aslett is over at The 451 Group now.

Turn Winds Up With $8 Million In Funding

$8 million might buy thousands of newspaper ads, or perhaps three or so Super Bowl commercials.  But in this case, the $8 million will go towards funding Turn, the self-proclaimed “world’s first automatic targeting ad network.”

Waterfront Media Gets $25 Million In Funding

Waterfront Media sounds big, and it is – properties like EverydayHealth.com receive millions of visits per month.  Waterfront Media is also big in a financial sense, and a new round of funding brought it $25 million more.

Zillow “Rezeives” $30 Million In Funding

As funding rounds go, this was a big one: Zillow raised a fresh $30 million.  Look for the already-popular real estate site to really take off as a result.

Investors Toss Money At Automotive StreetFire

In the world of video-sharing sites, we see competitor after competitor that is, when you get right down to it, “not YouTube.”  But for car people, there’s something that’s even better, and it just received $6.1 million in funding.

PowerReviews Receives $15 Million

Every day, it seems like at least one social network brings in a few million dollars in funding.  Now a social shopping network is getting richer, as well; PowerReviews just received $15 million.

Facebook Could Get Much More Funding

It’s an old question: would you rather be wealthy, powerful, or famous?  The perfect company would likely be all three, and Facebook has, without question, achieved those last two qualities.  Now there’s word that a major round of financing would take care of the first.

Dopplr Social Network Finds Funding

Dopplr, a social network for travelers, is getting a lot of attention; although it’s in an invitation-only mode, there have been plenty of positive reviews.  What’s also important, however, is the attention it’s received from some investors.

Wis.dm Wins $5 Million In Funding

I considered opening this article with a yes or no question, but the idea didn’t appeal to me all that much.  Still, if you’d like to pose – or answer – such questions, North Bridge Venture Partners just contributed somewhat less than $5 million to a site that’ll allow you the opportunity: Wis.dm.

MocoSpace Receives Funding

Mobile social networking site MocoSpace, said today that it had secured $3 million in Series A funding.

Pluggd Picks Up $6 Million In Funding

The word “Intel” is powerful, “Labrador” reminds me of friendly dogs, and $6 million – well, you can’t go wrong with $6 million.  And let’s hope that Pluggd doesn’t, as it’s this company that just received $6 million in a round of funding.

CafeMom Mops Up $5 Million In Funding
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As tradition would have it, Facebook’s for college students and LinkedIn’s for professionals.  But what about mothers?  Yes, mothers can of course be both college students and professionals, but in any case, there’s CafeMom, and for CafeMom, there’s $5 million – the social networking site just had a successful round of funding.