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The Transient Web

I have been on the Web for 12 years now and the Internet for many more, going all the way back to BBSs, CompuServe and Genie.

Facebook Faces the Gulf of Reality

The Journal is reporting (subscription required) that Facebook is shopping itself for as much as $2 billion, but that potential acquirers don’t agree with this valuation.

Friendster When Friendster Wasn’t Cool
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The most painful part of waking up old is that you don’t understand “cool” anymore. No, they don’t say “cool,” they say another kind of “krunked up” nonsense that will collapse society. Plucking a rudely monochromatic follicle from your scalp, the twang of its exodus isn’t quite loud enough to drown out the latest buzzword: myYearbook.com.

TroopNet Is Friendster For Soldiers

An online community for American veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, called TroopNet, went live Monday that allows former and present soldiers from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom to post profiles and pictures, search for others based on a number of criteria, link to “buddies,” and privately message other members.

No Deep-Pocketed Friends For Friendster

Everything looked good for Friendster, with the features and social networking tools it provided the online community; one day, MySpace came along, and Friendster suddenly became wallflower number one at the junior high dance.

Friendster Seeks A Takeover Friend

Intense competition from News Corp’s MySpace may have 2002 social networking darling Friendster ready to play “Let’s Make A Deal.”

Friendster Makes A New CEO Friend From CitySearch

Taek Kwon, currently vice president of product and technology at CitySearch.com, takes over Friendster’s executive office on June 13.

Yahoo 360 Reviewed

While, I like what I see so far and I think 360 is very compelling as a personal blogging tool, it has some serious shortcomings that most veterans will not like. Also, I am wondering if I gave Yahoo! the idea for this project way back last June when I speculated how Google might merge Blogger and Orkut into a “trusted network” of bloggers. Hmmm…

Staying Power of the Friendster Post

I’ve noticed a recent spike in hits to my famous Fired for Blogging post, in which I broke the story of Friendster’s stupidest move and tracked the growing coverage for a few days.

Friendster and Eurekster Launch Personalized Search

Friendster and Eurekster have launched personalized Internet search and navigation services on Friendster networks in eight countries.