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Check How Much Time You’ve Spent On Twitter

They bill themselves as the “anti-Twitter.” What is it? It’s RescueTime, a service that keeps track of what you spend your time on. Here Tony Wright, CEO, tells me about the new service. This was part of our trip up to see interesting startups up in Seattle.

Why I Like FriendFeed

Over on FriendFeed, which I joined in March, I’ve been quite busy. I’ve moved a bunch of my blogging time and Google Reader time over to it. How does that time translate? Well, into a few things:

1. Comments. (Those are items I’ve commented on — 1,893 so far)
2. Likes. (Those are items I’ve liked — 3,003 so far)

A few minutes ago I just passed 3,000 “Likes.”

Twitter Places Blame On Users For Problems

I almost did a Mike Arrington headline, like the one he used recently against Wired magazine, when he was frustrated that they were calling him out. It would have been so satisfying. But, I decided to play it straight. At least here. Over on FriendFeed I let my full fury out.

Twitter Is Over Capacity

Decisions. Decisions. How to stay in touch with the exponential growth of the technical information being developed by our exponentially growing network of contacts. The Internet is a fertile field for all this growth but how do we poor humans stay on top of it.

FriendFeed Adds Private Areas

FriendFeed (the social news streamer run by a team of by now seven ex-Google employees) got a new tab on top to create rooms. A room is a public or private area for discussions circling around one topic, group or need. For instance, you could create an invite-only room for discussing a specific work project, adding some other FriendFeed members.

Follow These 10 On FriendFeed

I’ve been pretty active on FriendFeed for the past couple of weeks and it has definitely become one of my new top spots on the web. In many ways FriendFeed simply replaces a lot of other sites where I was spending time in the past. It has completely replaced Twitter for me for instance and has also taken my chunk of time that I used to spend focusing on my Flickr contact’s photos (I now see all of these photos on FriendFeed instead of Flickr directly itself).

Commenting Through Disqus

If you aren’t a blogger you probably haven’t noticed this company named Disqus unless you really are paying attention when you leave a comment. But head over to Dave Winer’s blog, click on the comments, and if you leave a comment there, like I just did, you aren’t actually leaving it on Dave Winer’s blog. You’re using Disqus’s commenting service.

“So what?” you’re probably asking.

Well, there’s a few things that Disqus does.

Flickr Favorites Is On FriendFeed

FriendFeed Adds Flickr Faves

FriendFeed Benefits From Twitter Problems

Twitter: grabbing defeat from the jaws of success

Amazing, Twitter has been half down all weekend long. Dave Winer and others have been writing about it. The problems have been covered on TechMeme and other places where one looks for interesting tech news.

Web Pages I Just Couldn’t Live Without

A year ago I blogged about the 25 sites that were on my Firefox bookmarks toolbar. These represented the 25 sites that I used the most in my day in day out online life.

I thought here now one year later I’d refresh this post showing which bookmarks were removed from my toolbar over the past year and which ones were added. I’ve also added comments on each link.

Links removed in the last year.

Social Network Sites Are Changing The Blogosphere

Visit my FriendFeed and you’ll see why I’m blogging less (it shows you what I’ve been generating on other services). When I started this blog in 2000 there wasn’t Twitter. Wasn’t Upcoming.org. Wasn’t Google Reader. Wasn’t Flickr. Wasn’t YouTube. Wasn’t Seesmic. Etc. Etc.

Spending Time With The FriendFeed Team

The one business that has most gotten my attention, other than Qik.com, so far this year is FriendFeed. They are growing very quickly, 25% every few days.

Scoble Is Going To FriendFeed



Why am I doing both of those instead of blogging? Easy: I’m listening to more than 16,000 people there and that starts interesting conversations.

Coming soon (mid-April) is a redesign of my blog and FriendFeed will play a big part in that.

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