TypePad Gets Real-Time Blog Updates

TypePad Gets Real-Time Blog Updates

By Chris Crum September 14, 2009 | 3 Comments

Today Six Apart, the makers of TypePad, released a new TypePad PubSubHubub hub, which automatically promotes blog updates in real time. It’s a free feature for bloggers who use TypePad, and it automatically updates Google Reader, FriendFeed, SuperFeedr, and LiveDoor.

FriendFeed Gets a Lot of Traffic from Twitter

There is a lot of discussion going on about Facebook, FriendFeed, Twitter, and real-time search. This is to be expected since yesterday it was announced that Facebook is acquiring FriendFeed.

Where’s Bing’s Real-Time Search?

Google is working on an update called Caffeine, which will increase the speed at which it indexes content. This could be a step toward Google’s incarnation of real-time search. Facebook has just started rolling out its own real-time search feature, much like Twitter’s, which has been around for some time.

FriendFeed Acquired By Facebook

This is one of those posts that we’d rather bring to you quickly and fill in the blanks later–Facebook has just announced that it has agreed to acquire social network aggregator FriendFeed.

Facebook today announced that it has agreed to acquire FriendFeed, the innovative service for sharing online. As part of the agreement, all FriendFeed employees will join Facebook and FriendFeed’s four founders will hold senior roles on Facebook’s engineering and product teams.

Facebook Acquires FriendFeed
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Facebook just announced that it is acquiring FriendFeed. All FriendFeed employees will join Facebook and FriendFeed’s four founders will keep their senior roles on Facebook’s engineering and product teams.

New FriendFeed API Ready for Primetime

In July, Friendfeed launched version 2 of its API in beta. The company said it was focusing on making it simpler and easier to use. Now the API has already left beta status.

FriendFeed Launches New API

FriendFeed announced today that it has released version 2 of the FriendFeed API for beta testing. The focus, according to the company, is making the API simpler to use.

FriendFeed Offers Real-Time Search

Today FriendFeed has launched a real-time search feature. Now when you perform a search on the service, you will be presented with real-time results as they roll in. That means you don’t have to continuously refresh for the latest results.

If you’re searching a particularly hot topic, you might find it hard to even browse results because they’re coming in so quickly. Luckily FriendFeed has acknowledged this.

File Sharing with FriendFeed Now Possible
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Friendfeed announced today that it has added a feature, which allows users to share files. Previously, users were able to upload photos, but now other documents like PDFs and spreadsheets can be shared.

Easier Than Ever to Video Tweet
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Why tweet in 140 characters or less when you can Tweet in full color video all day long? So query the video sharing sites like 12seconds.tv and twitvid.io which allow users to share video updates through their favorite microblog site—Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, friendfeed, et. al., ad nauseum. Whether you want to use your webcam or your mobile device, sharing video is only a couple of logins and a wee bit of hassle away.

A bit too much hassle, apparently, for some.

There’s Gold in Your Social Media Profiles
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WebProNews attended a recent Social Media Club gathering in Louisville, KY. Among the speakers at this event was the famous Chris Brogan, who talked about (among other things) Friendfeed, and why your social media profiles have value. Do you agree with the things Brogan says in the following clip? Share you thoughts.

New Friendfeed Goes Real Time
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Friendfeed has been tinkering with a new real-time design at beta.friendfeed.com. The real-time version allows all pages to update in real-time, so users can see their friends’ photos, messages, comments, and likes as they occur.

Do You Like What Your Facebook Friends Post?

Last night Facebook announced a new feature for users who share content on the social network. Now when you post content, your friends will be able to let you know if they like what you’re posting by simply clicking a button.

Newspapers Take Interest In Social Networking

Yes, the headline isn’t really breaking news to many of us. However, I received an interesting report this week that ties numbers to the tumultuous newspaper industry and its struggle to remain relevant, today and tomorrow. I wanted to share the numbers with you…

FriendFeed Expands With Six New Interface Languages

There are all sorts of stories about friendships that were formed despite language barriers, and let’s not forget that many people have learned how to speak English even if it’s not their native tongue.  But FriendFeed has taken a step towards accommodating current members and recruiting new ones by launching six new language interfaces today.

Twitter And FriendFeed Turning Into A Chat Room?

You’ve seen Twitter’s election feature that showed a select kind of tweet in real time. A few minutes ago FriendFeed released a real-time-web feature that lets you watch FriendFeed in real time. This is fun to watch!

5 Tech Deals That Should Happen

Today’s big news from TechCrunch is is that Google is in the final stages of acquiring digg for about $200 million.  Makes sense to me.  Particularly given some of Google’s recent experiments having social voting in their search results pages.