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Twitter Gets Connected with Google

Google has announced that its new Friend Connect platform has now been integrated with Twitter. Now you can Tweet from any Friend Connect-supported site.

"This means that when you join a friend connected site, you can choose to use your Twitter profile, discover people you follow on Twitter who are also members of the site, and quickly tweet that you have found a cool website," explains Google Friend Connect Product Manager Mussie Shore.

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Facebook Says “No” To Google Friend Connect

Facebook was onboard with Google’s new Friend Connect – until they looked a little closer at how the technology works. Then they suspended Google’s access to Facebook.

On the Facebook Developer’s blog post “Thoughts on Privacy” it says:

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Facebook Blocking Google’s Friend Connect For Privacy Issues

My ex-boss, John Furrier, goes after Facebook after Facebook blocked Google’s Friend Connect from using its API to inport friends from Facebook into Google’s Friend Connect.

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Facebook Snubs Google’s Friend Connect

Looking to not repeat the privacy panic occurring when the company launched Beacon, Facebook has excused itself from participation in Google’s recently unveiled Friend Connect.

On the Facebook Developers blog, Charlie Cheever says Friend Connect, Google’s Open Social-based program allowing webmasters to integrate social networking features on their sites, doesn’t measure up privacy-wise:

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Google Friend Connect – Sharing Social Networking Profiles

First MySpace announced data portability, then Facebook announced Connect, and now Google has Friend Connect. Each is making it easier to share profile information from one social networking site to other web sites (and hoping to be place you go to do that).

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