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KFC: 7-Foot Bucket Appears In Woman’s Yard Courtesy Of Landlord

A giant KFC bucket seemingly dropped from the sky last week and landed on a Georgia lawn, surprising the residents who lived there. “I was driving by, I saw this giant Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket in my yard, and I thought for sure I was hallucinating, so I called my teenagers who were at home and had them go outside,” …

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‘Colored’ Comment Apology Offered by Golf CEO

On Thursday, the head of the European golf tour, George O’Grady, used the word “colored” to refer to minorities during a live television interview. O’Grady was commenting on a recent remark golfer Sergio Garcia made in reference to fellow golfer Tiger Woods. When asked if he would have Woods over for dinner, Garcia said, “We’ll have him ’round every night. …

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Flavor Flav Opens Fried Chicken Restaurant In Vegas

53-year old rapper Flavor Flav, recently best known for his foray into reality television with the show “Flavor Of Love“, has opened a restaurant in Las Vegas called–what else–Flavor Flav’s House Of Flavor. Flav says the restaurant will be take-out only and will serve, among other things, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and something called Red Velvet Waffles, which sounds …

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