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Freedom Tower: One World Trade Center Officially Open

One World Trade Center is officially open for business. According to a New York Times report publishing company Cond√© Nast moved employees into the building on Monday, becoming its first tenant. Planning for the building, referred to as the Freedom Tower until 2009, began shortly after the terrorist attacks on the twin towers in 2001. By 2005 planners revealed the …

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World Trade Center BASE Jumpers Arrested

According to ABC News, four men who are accused in the BASE jumping incident at One World Trade Center Freedom Tower back in September of last year have turned themselves in to police. Three of the men, 27-year-old Marko Markovich, 33-year-old Andrew Rossig, and 32-year-old James Brady were accused of the jump itself. Another, 29-year-old Kyle Hartwell, was accused of …

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Freedom Tower Broadcast Spire Being Built

The hardest thing about the tragedy on September 11th was the giant hole in the ground at the World Trade Center. After years of ridiculous political bureaucracy and scandals, the new Freedom Tower is almost ready. Construction is currently on the 92nd floor, but the 104 floor tower is expecting construction to be finished by this summer. The new building …

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