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A New (Free) Tool For Java RIA Development

A new tool “that allows developers to create UltraLightClient user interfaces from XML files” has been released by Canoo.

Google Free Data Crawl Updated

I have to say it makes me pleasantly happy to see that the ever entrenched “datadepot” has finally been replaced on Google’s search crawl when you search for a common term like “free Alaska DRG“…

Terapad Aims to Change the Blogging Game

A new UK-based hosted blog service came out of private beta last week and is now open for business.

Google News Archive: Things You Should Know

Gary Price has blogged over at Resource Shelf a huge post about Google News’ new Archive Search.

AOL Kicks In Dojo Support

Involvement and support of the Dojo Foundation will help further the usage of Ajax technology by developers in open source projects.

Madison Ave Spirals Out Free Music Downloads
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The purists and pirate-pardoning, and by that I mean anybody outside the business, know that music wants to be free. The world’s largest music company, Universal Music Group, seems to be the first megalith to get that. Before the end of the year, expect your music to ride freely on the back of a SpiralFrog, courtesy of Madison Avenue.

Free Book Downloads from Google
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Looks like Google may ruffle some more feathers of the publishing community.

Consumer Created Content Impacts Purchases

JupiterResearch has discovered that consumer-created content (blogs, forums etc) are having an increasing impact on consumer’s online purchasing.

Mozy Backs Up To IBM’s Turf

The swirl of discussion about online backup service Mozy should not center on comparisons to online storage services, because they are a different type of technology.

Google Launches Free WiFi in Mountain View

For all homeowners and renters in Mountain View comes good news from uncle Google.

Online Oddities: Fact or Fiction Edition

W’s AOL search records, orangutan dating site, Firefox crop circles, and Microsoft on LSD. Chalk these incongruent pairings up for what makes this week in August 2006, the best online week ever.

AOL Opening Free 5GB Xdrive Storage

As part of the company’s shift to an audience-supported model, AOL will offer all Internet users 5GB of free online storage through the Xdrive service it purchased in August 2005.

AOL Going Free To Broadband Users

AOL’s products that had been dedicated to subscribers only, like AOL.com email, have been freed from their walled garden; the company is betting on advertising revenue to replace subscription dollars with the move.

Want Free Games? Have Some Porn Too
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No one in their right mind would offer free game downloads for kids that comes with porno-popping adware right? And surely another right-minded entity wouldn’t allow such a proprietor to sponsor their kid-targeted webpage right? Wrong on both counts. Warner Brothers and Zango, what were you thinking?

Gizmo’s Attempt At Free Phone Service

Free phone calls have taken a step closer to becoming a reality. The Gizmo Project is telling people to “call all of your Gizmo friends for FREE on their landline or mobile phones.” However, one can’t help but notice the asterisks dotting all of the company’s offers.

Is There Such A Thing As Free VoIP Service?

When VoIP was first introduced over the Internet, most of the programs available offered free VoIP services. Ah, the good old days. Unfortunately, those days are gone and nowadays many of these services are no longer free; but are still offered at a very minimal monthly fee.

Skype Offers Free International Calling

Adding to its aggressive campaign to attract more users, Skype launched a promotional offer called the “Skype Days of Summer” that allows US and Canadian SkypeOut users to make free international calls to the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Japan during three July weekends.

DeskBrowse Available For Free

It’s “lightweight and has a very responsive interface.” It’s “innovative,” and offers “blazing speed.” Maybe I watched too much racing yesterday, but this sounds like a sports car. But no – it’s DeskBrowse! And now it’s free. Mac users everywhere can rejoice.

Microsoft Releases Free Licensing Tool For Office

Microsoft has added a free copyright licensing tool that the hundreds of millions of people using Office products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can use to protect their work.

“Free Alaa” Googlebomb

Alaa Abd El-Fatah is a peaceful proponent of democracy who was jailed during a nonviolent protest – his supporters in Egypt want you to know this. They want anyone who googles “Egypt” to know this, as a matter of fact. A Googlebomb campaign has begun to link that word to a “Free Alaa” blog.

Rebuttal To The Washington Post

The Washington Post Online published an editorial Monday seeking to debunk pro-Net Neutrality arguments, erring on the side of non-regulation. Point by point, this column begs to differ.