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Google Checkout: A Gateway Service?

Earlier this year, Google extended an offer to merchants to take advantage of Google Checkout services for free until the end of the year, a gesture that rival PayPal matched in kind. Tuesday, the company officially extended the offer of free services until December 31, 2007.

AOL Latino: Free To Tango

AOL Spanish-language portal dubbed “AOL Latino” is finally made available to users at no cost.

Eltima’s New Flash Decompiler

Flash Decompiler is an SWF tool that lets you decompile SWF files and converts SWF documents into FLAs.

Microsoft Licenses Office 2007 UI

Microsoft has done a cool and smart thing, and decided to let (almost) everyone use the Office 2007 UI.

Google To Check Out On Cyber Monday

Now that we’re over last year’s holiday marketing trickeryCyber Monday my big toe!it’s time to accept what the marketing gods have lain before us, and make the most of it. Google is leading the charge this year, aggressively pushing its new Google Checkout product with Cyber Monday special promotions.

Microsoft, MetroFi Team Up to Offer Free WiFi

Resident of Portland, Oregon with a WiFi enabled PC or laptop will be able to access the broadband network that will deliver speeds up to 1 Mbps for downloads and up to 256 Kbps for uploads.

Sun to Serve Up Free Java

Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced the release of Java technology as free software under the GNU General Public License version two (GPLv2). The first portions of source code for Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) and Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME) will be made available today.

Google Checkout Free For Holiday Season

I just got an email from Google stating that Google Checkout transactions will be free until the end of the year:

Coke And Free Advertising

After the amazing Diet Coke-Mentos video from the guys at Eepybird.com exploded onto the scene thanks to YouTube (and later Revver), there was a sharp divide between the reaction from Mentos and Coca-Cola.

Google’s Checkout Free Until December 31

As we reported last week, Google has indeed made Checkout free until the end of the year.

Google Video Gains Free NHL Videos

The NBA has terminated its sale of game videos on Google Video, a partnership that would have been ten months old tomorrow. That would typically indicate either dissatisfaction with Google’s video store model, the NBA wanting more money, or something else entirely (like the YouTube deal).

Google Sets Gadgets Free

Google Gadgets have been set loose, figuratively speaking. According to the Google Code Blog, anyone who’s interested in them can now “easily add gadgets to your own site for free.” Adam Sah, of the Google Gadgets team, also spoke at length about his department’s activities.

PRWeb Discontinues Free Press Releases

Big news from PRWeb’s David McInnis to all PRWeb account holders last night. Free press release distribution will cease as of Oct 23rd. The new packages are as follows:

Edelman Critiques Google AdWords

Spyware researcher Ben Edelman looked into pay-per-click scams and the lengthy AdWords Content Policy, and found plenty of advertisers pushing to and past the boundaries of “ethical and legal advertising” online.

Google to Offer Free Music Videos

Google along with Warner Music Group and SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT have come to terms on an agreement today that will provide users with access to an expansive library of streaming music video content.

PodZinger’s Free Opt-In Ad Prog. For Podcasters

Audio and video search engine and online advertising network PodZinger announced the launch of its advertising platform with free opt-in for podcasters. PodZinger uses a speech recognition technology to identify audio and video content, produce text for it, and place relevant advertising.

10 Most Popular Free Google Apps

Google offers so many useful tools, many of which are absolutely free and sometimes it gets difficult to stay on top of of them.

Microsoft, BBC Meet Free Content To Follow?

Microsoft and the BBC shook hands yesterday, but it was something of a soft, tentative handshake. Microsoft described a “nonexclusive memorandum of understanding” that both companies signed as “a step toward strengthening their working alliance.” Despite this rather weak language, the meeting may have had important implications.

Cool Listening and Podcastings 3rd Anniversary

I was in the UK at the weekend to organize a couple of things re my move there next week.

Cities Database Free Edition

Another POI database is on the market in the GeoDataSource Cities Database product. The company has several flavors that run as much as $1,000+. A free product is available to those who register.

Dont send bloggers stuff for free unless its good

A lesson to corporate types: it’s good to catalyze conversations by sending out free stuff, but only if you’re pretty sure you’re already best of breed.